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Emperors of Rome - A (Chronological) Portrait Gallery


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Two coins, 1 Tetricus I and  1 Tetricus II from uncertain Gaul mint :

Tetricus I :

IMP TETRICVS P F AVG : Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Tetricus to right
Rev. HILARITAS AVGG : Hilaritas standing left, holding long palm branch in right hand and cornucopiae.
Antoninianus, uncertain local mint in Gaul, RIC Vb 80, 17 mmt14.jpg.89899e6fd8a96b5976140b2e4ae1d55b.jpg

Tetricus II :

C P E TETRICVS CAES : radiate and draped bust right
PIETAS AVGG : sprinkler, simpulum, jug, knife and lituus, retrograd text on obverse and reverse
Antoninianus, uncertain local mint in Gaul, AD 273-74, RIC 255, 11 mm

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Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Cologne during the reign of TETRICUS I in 273 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.C.P.TETRICVS.P.F.AVG.: Radiate, draped, bust r. Rev. LAETITIA.AVGG.: Laetitia standing l., holding wreath & anchor. RCS #3178. RICV #87 pg.408. DVM #5. RCVIII #11239



Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Trier during the reign of TETRICUS II, son of TETRICUS I, as Caesar, between 273 - 274 A.D. Obv. C.PIV.ESV.TETRICVS.CAES.: Radiate, draped, bust r. Rev. SPES.AVGG.: Spes walking l., holding flower in r hand & raising skirt with l., one leg visable. RCS #3190. RICV #271 pg.424. DVM #5. RCVIII #11292



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I'll start it off!

Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Rome during the reign of CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS between 268 - 270 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.CLAVDIVS.AVG.: Rad. & cuir. bust r. Rev. SALVS.AVG. Salus standing l., feeding serpent arising from altar, & holding sceptre. SEAR #3219. RICV #98. DVM #29. RCSVIII #11366


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My favorite Claudius Gothicus is this one with Isis.

Claudius II Gothicus, AD 268-270.
Roman billon antoninianus, 4.07 g, 22.4 mm, 5 h.
Antioch, officina 5, issue 1, end 268-end 269.
Obv: IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: SALVS AVG, Isis standing left, holding sistrum and situla; Є in exergue.
Refs: RIC 217A; MER/RIC temp 1024; Cohen 256; RCV 11370; Huvelin 1990, 10; Normanby 1109.

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25mm, 3.57g8zeG3Nx6i5KG95gYQj4qf2NC7SmYMa.jpg.fd457f3ce9a8c155e2443944134714e4.jpg

cf. Sear RCV 11370 (reverse).  Antioch? mint

I only have about 3 total coins of Claudius II,this being the 'nicest'.  Claudius II is the one time where I prefer the Antioch mint because, like Gallienus, the flans were pretty large.

Zurqieh coins almost always come with barebones identification. I don't have that particular RIC, so it was the best I could do.

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It feels like forever since I've been able to contribute -- I forgot that I was missing so many emperors after Gallienus & family and Postumus.

Claudius II Gothicus, billon/AE Antoninianus, 269 AD, Obv. Radiate bust right, draped and cuirassed, IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG/ Rev. Mars, naked, advancing r., carrying spear & trophy, VIRTVS AVG P. In exergue: Officina mark P ( = 1). RIC V-1 172, Sear RCV III 11385.  17 mm., 3.18 g.


Claudius II Gothicus, Billon Tetradrachm, 269/270 AD (Year 2), Alexandria, Egypt mint. Obv. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, AVT K KΛA - VΔIOC CEB / Rev. Eagle standing left, head right, holding wreath in beak, L-B (Year 2) across fields. Emmett 3879.2, Milne 4248 at p. 101 [Milne, J.G., Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins (Oxford 1933, reprint with supplement by Colin M. Kraay, 1971)], Dattari 5412. 20 mm., 9.28 g, 12 h. 


Claudius II Gothicus, Billon Tetradrachm, 269/270 AD (Year 2), Alexandria, Egypt mint. Obv. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, AVT K KΛAVΔIOC CEB / Rev. Jugate busts right of Nilus (crowned with lotus-flower and buds, with cornucopiae at his right shoulder), and his consort Euthenia* (wearing chiton and crowned with grain-ears); L under B (Year 2) in right field. Emmett 3892.2 (obv. ill. p. 195); K&G 104.31 (ill. p. 329); BMC 16 Alexandria 2328 (p. 302); Milne 4244-4245 (p. 101); Sear RCV III 11413; Dattari (Savio) 5405; Curtis 1717. 21 mm., 8.83 g., 12 h. Purchased from Dr. Martina Dieterle, Schenkenzell, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, 12 Jan. 2023 (at NYINC 2023); ex FPL Brandt 4, Stuttgard 1986; ex Münzzentrum Köln Auktion 52, 12 Nov. 1984, Lot 1192.


*See Jones, John Melville, A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins (London, Seaby, 1986) at p. 89 [entry for Euthenia]: “ ‘Plenty’, the equivalent of the Roman Abundantia. At Alexandria she was represented as the bride of the Nile, reclining like him, or seated, with corn wreath and sometimes with sceptre and uraeus (sacred cobra).” 

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There are lots of Claudius II's found in Britain, but they are all horrible.

Claudius II Gothicus Antoninianus, 268-270
Rome. Billon, 18mm, 3.31g. Bust of Claudius Gothicus, radiate, cuirassed, right; IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG. Jupiter, nude except for cloak around shoulders, standing left, holding thunderbolt in right hand and sceptre in left hand; IOVI VICTORI; N in right field (RIC V, 54). Found Royston, Hertfordshire

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My favorite portraits from Claudius II :

IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG : radiate, cuirassed and draped bust to right, with paludamentum, seen from rear

SPES PVBLICA : Spes walking to left, holding flower and raising robe; P in exergue.

Antoninianus. Mediolanum, AD 268-269, RIC Va 168cl2.jpg.d4b2296cd70283e97a03621abe35e81f.jpg

IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG : radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right

FIDES MILIT : Fides standing to left, holding two ensigns; S in exergue

Antoninianus. Mediolanum, AD 269-270, RIC Va 149cl1.jpg.e531c23f90709d4dff7734140a7f7a0e.jpg

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My favorite Claudius Gothicus has a reference to the Goths on the reverse:


Claudius II Gothicus, Roman Empire, BI antoninian, 268–270 AD, Kyzikos mint. Obv: IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG; bust of Claudius Gothicus, radiate, draped, r. Rev: VICTORIAE GOTHIC; trophy between two seated captives; in exergue, SPQR. 20mm, 2,58g. Ref: RIC V Claudius Gothicus 252.

This one is postumous:


Claudius II Gothicus (postumous), Roman Empire, BI antoninian, 270 AD, Rome or Mediolanum mint. Obv: DIVO CLAVDIO; head of Claudius Gothicus, radiate, r. Obv: CONSECRATIO; altar. 23.5mm, 2.84g. Ref: RIC V Claudius Gothicus 261 or 262.

And this barbarous imitation always makes me laugh:


"Claudius II Gothicus", Roman Empire (imitation), AE barbarous radiate, after 270 AD, unofficial mint in Gaul or Britain. Av: ...'''C; head of Claudius II, radiate, r. Rev: ...OSSEOSC..., eagle standing l. 12.5mm, 1.42g. Ref: imitates RIC V Claudius Gothicus 265–267.

And here is his brother Quintillus:


Quintillus, Roman Empire, AE antoninian, 270 AD, Rome mint. Obv: [IMP C M] AVR CL QVINTILLVS A[VG]; bust of Quintillus, radiate, draped, r. Rev: SECVRIT AVG; Securitas, draped, standing l., legs crossed, leaning on column, holding sceptre; in field r., XI. 21mm, 3.00g. Ref: RIC V Quintillus 31

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My only and favorite portrait from Quintillius :


IMP C M AVR CL QUITILLVS AVG : bust radiate., drapped.and cuirassed right

APOLLINI CONS / A in r. field : Apollo standing right., holding laurel - branch and lyre on rock

Antoninus, A.D.270, Rome, Ric Va 9

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My favorite CIIG


Claudius Gothicus, Antoninianus - Mediolanum mint, 1st officina, AD 268-270
IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind.
PROVID AVG, Providentia standing left, holding globe and cornucopiae. P at exergue
5.30 gr 18-21 mm
Ref : RIC V, Part 1, 163, RCV # 11361


On 3/16/2023 at 2:30 AM, CPK said:

I'd like to get a Claudius Gothicus coin sometime, but I want the VICTORIAE GOTHIC reverse, centered and well-struck and in excellent condition with a good portrait.

And the one I'm intending to part with...not in great condition though !




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Finally made our way through the Gallic Empire…happy to be back in this thread! These are my two favorites of Claudius Gothicus:


Claudius II Gothicus, Antoninianus. Rome. (22mm, 2.92g), Obv: DIVO CLAVDIO, Radiate bust right/ Rev: CONSECRATIO, Altar. RIC V 1275


Claudius II Gothicus, (24 mm, 4.00 g), Rome, 268-269 A.D., Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Claudius II to right, seen from behind/. Rev. VIRTVS AVG Virtus standing front, head to l., holding olive-branch in r. hand and scepter in l.; shield set on ground at feet. RIC 109.


And a flip-over double strike—with 2 portraits for the price of one:

Claudius II Gothicus, AE Antoninianus (24.95mm, 3.71 g), Siscia, 268-270 A.D, Radiate and cuirassed bust of Claudius II right/ Rev. Laetitia AVG, Laetitia left. RIC VI 181 Siscia

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