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  1. A galley with a raised sail : Festival of Isis. Obv: DEO SARAPIDI, draped bust of Serapis right, wearing modius. Rev: VOTA PVBLICA, Isis standing right on galley, supporting sail. Alexandria, Ae (4th century AD), Alföldi 132, 2.78 gr, 19 mm.
  2. Some more campgate coins, Alexandria Antiochia A mule from Arles ( RIC VII 291 and 292 ) Constantinople Cyzicus Heraclea London Lyons Nicomedia Rome Sirmium Siscia Thessalonica Ticinum Trier
  3. Tomorrow, i post some coins ( and a Constantinus I caess ). I need to take new pictures first. It will be from 15 ateliers.
  4. Hi Bonshaw, Can you provide the diameter and weight of the coins in question please? These are also needed for identification. With thanks, MC9
  5. I have 3 different portrets from Valerianus : IMP P LIC VALERIANO P F AVG VICTORIA GERMANIC Bust seen from rear Victory standing left, holding wreath, right hand rests on shield, at foot ,captive RIC Va 264, Mediolanum IMP C LIC VALERIANUS P F AVG VICTORIA AVGG Victory standing left, resting on shield and holding palm RIC Va 128, Rome IMP C LIC VALERIANUS AVG FIDES MILITUM Fides standing left, holding two ensigns RIC Va 89, Rome
  6. @Phil Anthos You are right, I have take a random choice from the pictures. My mistake. Sorry.
  7. I started on last sunday taking foto's from my Greek coins, a side collection build over a period of 40 years . Here are some little ones. I have not attributed them yet.
  8. Here are 2 antoninianus and a very black sestertius from Traianus Decius. My favorite portrait is the first one. a heavy antoninianus : and the sestertius :
  9. mc9


    My favorite Probus : obv : IMP PROBUS . P . F AVG rev : VIR - TUS AVG // IIII RIC V part II nr ?
  10. Here is my only Semisses : Heraclius: δ N ҺЄRACLIЧS P P AVG : Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right VICTORIA AVGЧ I // CONOB : Cross potent set upon globe, text around Semissis, Constantinople, A.D.610-641, Sear 784, 2.25 gr
  11. Here are 3 Quintillus coins, the last one was my last coin from 2023. It came in a 3 coin lot ( 3 different emperors ) and was listed as Claudius II. IMP C M AUR CL QUINTILLUS AVG ; Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right APOLLINI CONS : Apollo stg. l., holding laurel - branch and lyre on rock. RIC V (1) 9; ROME; 3,20 gr; IMP C M AUR CL QUINTILLUS AVG : Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right , ( seen from rear ? ) CONCORDIA AVG : Concordia stg. l., sacrificing at altar and holding double cornucopiae RIC V (1) 13 ; Rome ; 2.36 gr IMP QUINTILLUS AVG : Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right , ( seen from rear ? ) FORTUNAE RED : Fortuna standing left with rudder and cornucopiae RIC V (1) 54?, Mediolanum, 2.19 gr
  12. Here 2 provincial coins, one from Augusts and Livia, a second from Claudius I and Agrippina II. obv : jugate busts of Augustus (laureate) and Livia, right rev : ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟΣ ΕΦΕ stag standing, right; above, quiver 8.51 gr ; 21.03 mm ; Province: Asia (conventus of Ephesus) ; RPC vol.1 2611 obv : jugate laureate head of Claudius and draped bust of Agrippina II, right rev :ΚΟΥΣΙΝΙΟΣ ΤΟ Δ, ΕΦΕ stag standing, right c. AD 49/50 4.47 gr ; 17.81 mm ; Province: Asia (conventus of Ephesus) ; RPC vol.1 2624
  13. Here are 2 from Victorinus and 1 from Tetricus I and Tetricus II, all with some silvering on them : Victoinus : a second one : Tetricus I : Tetricus II :
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