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  1. In most cases I have only one or two coins of a specific emperor. So not necessarily a worthwhile exercise. It is possible that I might specialize more in the future so never say never.
  2. Great coins all. Of the Severan ladies I only have a Domna. Which is the ISIS type already shown...
  3. 2nd and Third Century. While the 2nd perhaps features the most interesting types and execution of craftsmanship on the large bronze pieces, the third offers up a story both of power and pathos in the ascension of the Severan dynasty and the eventual decline as well as the recovery under the barracks emperors including Claudius, Aurelian, and Probus prior to Diocletian, who perhaps best exemplifies the transition from Imperium to Dominate. The image of the Four tetrarchs illustrates an Empire that has turned its focus on outside enemies. Each tetrarch looks furtively out on an uncertain world, grasping the pommel of his sword. Meanwhile the title Dominus Noster was adopted showing the internal reforms on the personage of the Emperor.
  4. Very nice strike on the Gallienus and an extraordinarily fine planchet! Congrats.
  5. Really nice photos @maridvnvm with some amazing detail!
  6. Fascinating post @Heliodromus. One always learns something new on Numisforums.
  7. Great that it has returned to you. Nice coin.
  8. Very interesting discovery. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Very nice coin @DonnaML ! While I don't have a Britannia example I do have this Neptune which reputedly marks the beginning of his voyage to Britain and the oncoming war with the Caledonians.
  10. Since we are talking about late tets of around 7 grams: Maximian Herculis: EGYPT. Alexandria. Maximianus, first reign, 286-305. Tetradrachm (Potin, 19 mm, 7.26 g, 12 h), RY 8 = 292/3. ΜΑΞΙΜΙΑΝΟC CЄΒ Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Maximianus to right. Rev. Є/ΤΟΥC / H within laurel wreath. References: Dattari (Savio) 5999. Emmett 4161.8. K&G 120.67. Extremely rare. Light deposits, otherwise, very fine. From the Rhakotis Collection, formed in the 1960s and 1970s (with collector’s ticket). Ex. Leu 2021
  11. Nice coins and excellent display. I'll share a couple both of which are silver-to-grey in appearance reflecting the inclusion of at least some silver in the coins' fabric. Guess who these characters are:
  12. Sesterce of Severus Alexander
  13. Nice find. The reverse on your coin looks like it could be a barbaric imitation which in itself is very intriguing. Hard to call it though. Here's my official issue. As you can see by the end of his sole reign the flans and weights had really become sporadic:
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