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  1. What Octavian said when he was informed that he had been posthumously adopted by Julius Caesar, and was set to inherit his immense fortune... "Sacra merda !!!" (Holy sh-t!")
  2. Augustus on his deathbed is alleged to have said " I found Rome a city of brick, and left her a city of marble". Also, "“Have I played the part well? Then applaud when I exit.” ....
  3. A quote by Julius Caesar to Brutus as he lay bleeding, near death, by the statue of Pompey (that probably never happened), "Tu quoque, fili mi?" (You also , my son?).
  4. Seneca the stoic's famous quote about fate - “Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant.” He was Nero's unfortunate teacher... And speaking of Nero, he is famous for his dying words, which he most likely never uttered... " Oh, what an artist dies in me! "
  5. "Vae, puto deus fio" ( Woe is me! I think I'm turning into a god! " , supposedly quipped Vespasian on his death bed. Also , his famous "Pecunia non olet!" or money does not smell, defending his tax on public urinals to his son Titus. To this day, public urinals are called "Vespasiani" in Rome. Romans have long memories.
  6. "Oderint dum metuant" , ( Let them hate (me), as long as they fear (me). Often uttered by and attributed to Caligula, though the phrase was originally from Accius , a Roman , tragic poet...
  7. Tiberius with Livia as Pax reverse in gold and silver...
  8. I would use the same term some dealers are now using, "the coin has been enhanced".
  9. 1. Roman Phalera, c. 1st-2nd century CE. Often given as awards , decorations for horses. 2. lead for slings - c. 1st century BC. found in Spain. 3. Tip of catapult projectile.
  10. Culture: Roman Date: C. 70 - 120 AD Description: Iron Javelin spearhead. Legio IX Hispana. Provenance: Ex. UK auction January 2005; found in Suffolk, East Anglia, England. Roman pila tips...
  11. Selection of coins of Claudius... 1. aureus with praetorian camp... 2. denarius with his niece/wife Agrippina... 3. sestertius with Spes reverse... 4. sestertius with OB CIVES SERVATOS... 5. dupondius / Ceres reverse... 6. As with Minerva brandishing javelin... 7. As / Constantiae... 8. As / Libertas...
  12. Another Antonius Felix prutah under Claudius with BRIT... two aurei of Claudius announcing Nero as his successor - the Princeps Iuventutis, thus bypassing his son as heir - maybe because he was too young, or maybe just to spare him the dangers of being ruler (to no avail), maybe to simply appease Agrippina. We will probably never know what was in his mind.
  13. Three Antoniniani of Probus... 1 fully silvered ADVENTVS 2. Soli Invicto , with Sol driving quadriga... 3. Victoria Germ(anica) with two captives at foot of trophy...
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