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  1. Sometimes I wonders if its painted green, but I hope not:
  2. I got one from the same mint but with the greek denomination:
  3. Gallienus and his wife Cornelia Salonina:
  4. Constantine VII. under the regency of his mother:
  5. Quite common but it features an historic building on the reverse: The Altar of Rome and Augustus in Lugdunum
  6. After a long time an Emperor I got a coin from, sadly the portraits are not too nice. Here seen together with his son Constantine:
  7. @Hrefn While that is a nice coin my desire for the Augustalis mainly comes from the portraiture and overall for a medieval coin very unique style it has. I maybe will never own one but one can have dreams 🙂
  8. Also a little mistake I just noticed I made in my little datacard about the coin - he doesnt hold a cross but a lily topped scepter.
  9. @JeandAcre Yes I am aware that the Bracteates where unifaced. But I have seen some other Pfennigs of Friedrich II. that where not unifaced but had the same Obverse as mine. I have seen examples featuring eagles and some featuring castles or city walls. On this page there are some examples to see: https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?similar=538229 . This makes me think that mine might not be unifaced but instead just had a very messy reverse that is quite hard to make out 🤔
  10. Hello fellow collectors, I collect coins mainly by the monarchs featured on them. While doing this I also created a collection of Holy Roman Emperors, till now only from the Habsburg era (1440-1806). But now I finally got my first Pre-Habsburg coin from the Empire and the Emperor featured on it is not just anyone but one of the greatest medieval rulers: Emperor Friedrich II. of Hohenstaufen called Stupor Wundi (The wonder/ marvel of the world) by some and the antichrist by mainly higher church officials. His rule mainly focused on his italian possessions where he left a rich heritage. From the famous Castel del Monte (Castle) to his very own magnificent trade coinage called "Augustalis". Owning such a coin is definitely a little dream of my but for now I settled on a german minted Pfennig. Even in his Germany he was one of the more prolific coin minters. (Not my Castle and not my coin either - Images from Wikipedia) Anyways my coin surely is far away from an Augustalis but still features a for medieval standarts quite good profile bust of the Emperor holding a cross in his hand. I could write a lot more about the historic figure of Friedrich II. here but I want to end this with a little request for help. While the obverse is quite easy to recognize I really cant make out what is happening on the reverse on the coin or even how I have to turn it. So if anyone here can help me with this problem I would be very grateful. Anyways here the coin with all the data I for now was able to get on it: So thank you for reading this and maybe thanks in advance if anyone can identify what to see on the reverse. Also feel free to post your own coins featuring medieval Holy Roman Emperors or Frederik II. in special. Maybe someone here even owns and Augustalis? 😉
  11. The face of Licinius II. seems to have been half eyes, half the other stuff you would expect.
  12. Here a Condor I really liked: And here some nice eagles:
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