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Welcome and cool coin of a polite and mild mannered fella. I would hardly call the third emperor of Rome a "ding". 😉

Here he is with grandma:


Gaius Caligula, with Antonia, MACEDON. Thessalonica. 37-41. (Bronze, 22 mm, 9.95 g, 6 h). Γ KAIΣAP ΘEΣΣAΛONIKEΩN Laureate head of Caligula to left. Rev. ΑΝΤΩΝΙΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ Veiled head of Antonia II to left, wearing stephane. RPC I 1574. Brown patina. NVF. Purchased from Savoca November 2021

And here is a barbarous version of your coin. Possibly minted by one of the 500 Germans that went absolutely bonkers and murdered indiscriminately when they found out their patron was murdered:


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