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    Hi @DonnaMLhow u feelin today?
  2. Thanks, from what I can tell by that photo, it looks like the coin and core are silver. This looks like a completely fine silver denarius.
  3. I feel like the market for popular coins is strong, owls, Alexander's, Caesars , etc. Since covid at least. I don't pay much attention, but just a general feeling.
  4. If you are stuck to your phone camera, take the coin outside, and take steady focused closeup photos of the side of the coin and the chip. Maybe we can see more details.
  5. Early Lifetime issue, Price 3474, Sidon Mint
  6. Hard to tell from the photos as they are not the greatest. but at 3g, it was probably in the 3.5g range before the chipping and accounting for the wear. I would say prob not a fourree. Great find!
  7. Bought this under $50 with black gunk all over which was very hard to clean, no choice but to strip it clean orichalcum, which looks much better. Claudius AD 41-54. Æ Dupondius (28mm, 11.8g) Rome mint, struck AD 41-42 Obv. Bare head left. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP Rev. Ceres seated left on ornamental throne, holding two stalks of grain and long torch. CERES - AVGVSTA SC RIC I 94
  8. Been looking for an example I could afford, but they don't seem to come up to often..until today. Dealer photo and description.. VESPASIAN AR silver denarius. Judaea (Judea) Capta. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head right. Reverse - Captive Jewess seated right, hands tied before, trophy of captured arms behind, IVDAEA in exergue. 17mm, 3.0g. RCV 2296. One of the more highly sought after Roman Imperial denarii, due to its historical significance, celebrating the 'Judea Capta' in 69 AD. This issue is often struck on quite small flans


    Feel better soon, I have been dealing with it almost 2 weeks now. I feel like I got it back to back. It's nasty thing.
  10. Bronze AE As Weight: 9.45 g Diameter: 32.50 mm Mint : Rome Tiberius Bare head left., Livia seated right on throne, holding sceptre and patera. Next; same theme
  11. I don't think it's cast, show us the side of the coin? it looks like horn silver. Nice coin. Looks fine to me. I have cleaned hornsilver and this looks like the after math.
  12. Beautiful coins, I have two examples which I think are likely a "tribute penny" and kinda low grade, but I don't mind and enjoy the honest wear
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