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  1. Sounds like you had an "ok" time, maybe be an advocate to introduce more ancient discussion or presentation? This could be a win/win if they listen and have a conversation about it. You could get the ball rolling into something you enjoy going to. You never know, after all they are coin collectors and could be intrigued or fascinated about the idea of ancients.
  2. I suppose it depends on what area of collecting, I don't have many references in this regard, but as an example, I use https://numismatics.org/pella/results for my Alexander III related coinage and generaly Argead dynasty. They have different variations and types and mints and monograms etc.
  3. Neat. With ancient its usually mint marks and monograms. I suppose you can include a die variety of the same type, like different style.

    Making labels.

    I used to make labels when I kept my coins in flips. I since changed it up to trays. What I do now is create a page for each coin and print it, and put it in a punch hole binder, I create the same page for coin online, like CollecOnline. On the physical copy, I also add a QR code, which links to the online page for that coin. I don't know if this is productive or worth it, but its fun and engaging and I have both physical page on the coin, with photo, specs, and details, which links to the same online coin page. It is however behind on updates as it can be a process, I try to force myself to do this at least once a month, but ya know how that goes.
  5. I like the colors. Unfortuntaley I sold both my Marcus coins and have nothing to show.
  6. I see this on Pawn Stars, I think there is also a silver type.
  7. Nice. Looks like the base metal on yours might be orichalcum?, you can strip clean the coin to the base metal and sell it as "gold" in the next NAC, then buy a new bronze? Seems like a good idea to me.
  8. Great portrait, I have to take a photo of one I cleaned.
  9. Glad u got ur refund. Two things as a collector make me anxious.. 1. Waiting on coin delivery 2. Worrying about fakes
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