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  1. Final results from NGC are now in. Considering the strong money I paid for this coin, I’m rather disappointed in the outcome. Still happy with the photos, though, and I’m happy to see they put it into a prongless Air View holder. The prongs on a standard NGC slab would have swallowed this little coin. I reckon it’s a keeper. I’m so underwater on the purchase that I’d never be able to sell it without taking a really big hit anyway. Besides, it’s a nice coin. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6828625-001/NGCAncients/
  2. Definitely a cool type, and irresistible for that nifty juxtaposition of fishing tackle and rare coin! (Just one coin was all they had in stock, apparently.)
  3. Nahhh, more power to ‘em. I would have made an offer, but you snooze, you lose. Would’ve been fun to add a cheap silver cob to my giveaway stash, and that 1943 envelope was cool, but I’m not sweatin’ it.
  4. Somebody else bought it, as it happens. Maybe I tipped them off with the discussion threads about it. The buyer got it for less than $35.
  5. I love the colors and designs on paper notgeld. I have never collected paper money and am unlikely to ever do so, but if I did, German notgeld and US Fractional Currency might be some of the things I delved into first.
  6. Here’s a post from Collectors Universe.
  7. I’m thinking of buying it for my giveaway stash. It’s not terribly expensive. Thanks for the information, y’all. It pretty much echoes what I was told over on Collectors Universe. 1 real from Potosí. On CT, I was told @robinjojo knows something on this subject?
  8. Nope, alas, I sold all the holey gold collection off my hat during leaner times.
  9. Not a bad idea, though as always, there is so much stuff competing for my very limited budget! Finishing my Twelve Caesars set is my top numismatic priority for 2024. I have only owned one solidus, ever. It was this holed Zeno, pedigreed to the Eliasberg Collection. It was the centerpiece of my old "Holey Gold Hat" collection:
  10. @Restitutor - now that I've posted some stuff, feel free to use any pic you might want, should you wish to make a thumbnail for the forum listing. The Exonumia forum is now no longer empty!
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