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  1. Grace wishes all of you a happy Fourth of July.
  2. I love this live oak tree in my doctor's parking lot. The wild grapevine climbing up it is so old and established that the vine’s base is as big around as a tree in its own right. Some of these trees are as much as 900 years old.
  3. And there was yet another: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/the-sailmakers-badge-ww1-royal-flying-corps-identity-disc-made-from-1916-british-half-crown.287381/
  4. As it happens, that was the second time I tracked down the backstory of a WW1 trench art love token. The first story was equally poignant, but sadder. It also revealed a 100-year-old photo of the person who had the coin engraved. https://www.cointalk.com/threads/berthas-boy-ww1-love-token-on-1916-french-franc-from-a-fallen-canadian-soldier-to-his-mother.286034/ The person who got that piece from me said he was going to donate it to the Canadian War Museum.
  5. I was about to sell the coin but decided to do a little internet sleuthing first. I posted some of my initial discoveries on CT, and the story evolved quite a bit as more facts were uncovered. https://www.cointalk.com/threads/vesta-mccurrys-ww1-love-token-coin-is-going-home.329215/ As the saga developed, I knew we had to try to track down a descendant, and when we did, I was very excited. The story was much more priceless than the hundred bucks or so I would have tried to get for the coin.
  6. Here is a French 2-franc piece from 1918. It was made into a World War I “trench art” love token in France, acquired by Howard G. Pearman, a sergeant with Company F of the US 21st Infantry, 3rd Division, and engraved for his sweetheart back home, Miss Vesta McCurry of Hartwell, Georgia. Here is Vesta, circa 1918. Howard returned home safely and they married on Christmas Day of 1919. Here are Howard and Vesta, later in life. He died in 1958. She lived until 1973. Here is Howard and Vesta’s granddaughter Nancy, to whom I returned the coin in 2019, a century after her grandparents’ wedding. It was really exciting to research that piece, track down its history, and send it home to the family. It’s rare to own an old coin and discover so much about the actual everyday people in its history.
  7. Thank you for the backstory, particularly about the veiled portraits.
  8. Price and budgetary limitations were, alas, the major obstacle here. Particularly within those criteria I had set. But I had to make a reality check and step up my game after getting drubbed time and time again at auction (and finding everything at fixed price that met my criteria way outside my reach and often overpriced as well). So I resigned myself to spending some money to get what I wanted, which was a respectable midrange example that was not too wretched or ugly but also not too nice and astronomically priced. Given what these have been fetching nowadays, I think I did OK. I was prepared to go up to €300 higher. i suppose I could have gotten a Caesar “elephant” or “Venus head” type for less, but those don’t have his portrait. And I didn’t want a posthumous coin. I wanted one from just before the Ides of March.
  9. Well, at long last, after coming up short time and time again at auction, I finally won my desired Julius Caesar denarius, for €300 below my max bid. It checks off all my major criteria. Lifetime issue from 44 BC? ✅ Caesar's name clear on the flan? ✅ (his titles are there too) Decent portrait? ✅ No major problems apparent? ✅ Fine or better? ✅ OK, so it's got a somewhat irregular flan- some might even say "ragged"- but I can definitely live with that. Oh, and there’s a banker’s mark, too. But that’s not an issue, as far as I’m concerned. Now I lack only Vitellius to complete my Twelve Caesars collection. 😃 I won it in Elsen Auction 159, Lot 278. .
  10. I’m quite envious of that one. Such a sharp portrait and nice surfaces, too! I’d prefer one like that, to be honest, but I always get sticker shock when I see the prices… 😬
  11. Had a 3:15 AM visitor on the hotel patio, about an hour after the last tipsy wedding guests went off to bed.
  12. Thanks. It's hard to say on the XXI. There is certainly an "I" there, to the right of the exergue, but the area where the "XX" would be is pitted.
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