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  1. I’ll look into this tomorrow, this is strange
  2. Hi Everyone, The resurrection of The Cabinet should be occurring today. There were some changes to how Invision was managing 3rd party products, so had to wait for the developer to re-release the app I was using. -Res
  3. First: Trolls, please don’t feed them 🙂 If a thread crops up that violates the spirit of our forum rules, like saying a dealer engages in fraud with no proof, please report the thread to me. That is the quickest way for me to be alerted to a problem on the site. I wanted to also offer up an apology to the members here for my delay in getting to that thread. Work picked up unexpectedly the last 36 hours and admittedly I fell behind on forum duties. In that spirit- I believe now the forum has become too large to be managed by just myself on a day-to-day basis, especially when I’m out of the country for work. This is of course a fantastic problem to have, and I hope the forum continues to grow and thrive as it has since its founding. As such, I’d like to officially announce I am looking for 1-2 moderators to help manage the forum. Duties will be pretty straight forward: looking for threads or comments that violate the forum rules, and dealing with them appropriately. If you would like to be a forum moderator, please message me privately to throw your hat in the ring. I believe in being as open around this process as possible, and will likely look for input from everyone here as to who the moderators should be. I want everyone to feel comfortable that the people appointed to this role will preserve the spirit of Numis Forums as they fulfill their duties as moderators. I’ll close the application process midnight EST on Mar 29. -Res
  4. In order to manage spambots one measure I put into place was to require 3 posts be manually approved (by me) in order to then have unfettered posting abilities. Know it can be tedious to wait but since implanting these changes our forum has been spam free so I believe it’s worth it.
  5. Very confused by this as well. This coin is massively out of my price range so perhaps those who can afford coins at this level would have a different POV, but I’d imagine if I could afford this coin, I would only want/need one for my collection.
  6. @DonnaML Correct, I recently created this forum at the excellent suggestion of @LONGINUS! I’ll comb through existing posts to see what I can find that should be moved here but if anyone has made a post that should be here feel free to PM me with the link(s) to the thread(s) (or tag me in the thread itself) and I can move that way too. And thank you @lordmarcovan for offering your photos to use as for the thumbnail!
  7. This bit from the article puts me squarely on the side of the couple: So the dealer went to these people’s personal gardener to gain more information on provenance, and then split half the $4.4M with the gardener! Why didn’t he go back to the couple for his provenance questions? Because then he’d have to fess up to the value! This dealer sounds like a real piece of work. I hope the couple gets every cent he made from the sale, and then gives him $158 as a consolation 😂
  8. Beat me to it! Been neck deep in putting up Christmas decorations today 🎅 What a happy happy day! THANK YOU to everyone here for helping to grow this forum to further and further heights! In such a short period of time we have truly cemented ourselves as the webs #1 forum for ancient coin discussions. Onwards and upward to 700! 🥳🍾🥂
  9. Hiding certain posts that veered off topic, both the off topic posts and the replies that quoted them to help ensure the off topic convos don’t continue. Let’s all try and keep the discussion on topic here, and respectful. My preference is always to not have to lock threads if possible, so let’s please keep things within the forum rules or I will have to. It also goes without saying that trans rights are human rights, and trans people are welcome on this forum and we shouldn’t create an unwelcoming environment for them. Now with that said, to go on topic… as a member of the LGBT community this has been an interesting decision to say the least. The only evidence we have to consider that Elagabalus was trans comes from sources who hated him. Roman men were supposed to be “manly” (whatever that means) so the greatest insult a Roman senator could levy on someone is to make him as feminine as possible. Elagabalus loved the eastern style and made no qualms about it. He was a foreigner to the elite in Rome, refused to conform to their belief system, and had a relative who many believed could “play ball”, which ultimately led to his assassination. He was also a teen. Talk about an easy target to degrade! It feels… off, to label Elagabalus as trans when it was meant as a way to insult the emperor at the highest degree. It means we are validating the criticism of him, and supporting the senators who hated him, with no actual basis in fact. All we know for sure is he existed, he was born a male, he had male and female lovers, he was an emperor, and he was assassinated. If we remove the insults thrown at him, I don’t see enough evidence to call him anything other than bisexual. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Always thought Commodus’ gladiator outfit was the coolest piece from the entire film, especially when he does that spin move.
  11. This has been enabled, but I limited to just the web browser to help save space on peoples mobile devices to the 'content' part of posts.
  12. May want to double check that the Cookie Monster hasn’t been secretly using your computer 😆
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