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  1. The photos are looking really good Martin. Well done, great details on the photos!
  2. Although I must admit I don't spend enough time on this, and the few times I've tried it gave zero results, I am too interested in knowing how this works. Anyway, here's a topic about it on CT which might help to get started.
  3. Fantastic coin @CPK! A great portrait indeed, lovely toning too. I also still enjoy your photo background, looks really good 🙂 Unfortunately, I don't have a denarius of Faustina II. Well, I once did, a long time ago before starting collecting ancients on a more or less serious basis. Had picked it up at a antique fair. Of course it was a fake. Little did I know. Anyway, keep showing your quality portraits. I enjoy seeing them!
  4. Suggestion (from personal perspective too): try to aim for one where the 'CAESAR' is legible. Furthermore, I agree with the advice of @Ursus, for what its worth. Good luck hunting!
  5. Feeling shame? No. Feeling ashmed? To whom? Nobody in my surrounding cares 😁 I think this is import to realise, no matter how terrible the state of preservation of a coin is. All coins have value, are interesting, tell a story, simply because they are thousands of years old and part of human history. The only question relevant is: what quality is acceptable to you, as a collector (including budgetory reasons). I think this is just one example of a coin in my collection of 'poorer' quality. But unless I win the lottery, I will not depart from it, and I really love it. I must say I sold quite a few coins. I didnt feel like they were fitting in the collection for some reason. I used the money to buy other coins. But 'shame' does not apply to the coins I've sold.
  6. Interesting to see the bidding action indeed. Wondering about that online bidder though, my guess is its a dealer, but thats just a guess. Your example is fantastic, I remember you posting the photos. The EID MAR issue is an iconic type. In one of his podcasts, Aaron Berk talked about he type getting ever more expensive. I think with the inflow of new collectors since corona pandemic thats not surprising. Where's the limit? Its as much as someone is willing to pay. Im not familiar with that Garrett issue though. Ill try to look it up.
  7. Ended up selling for 950.000 CHF. A "bargain"?
  8. Thanks for streaming. No fear of pressing the wrong button here though, my biddr limit wont suffice 🙂 About the mortgage story reg the Agrippina, see: https://coinweek.com/roman-coin-profile-sestertius-of-agrippina-senior/ Sold for 200k CHF.
  9. Great wins! And welcome to the forum 🙂
  10. Thats a fantastic coin @CPK! Left facing, the typical Galba portrait and his name is fully legible. Well done! Here is my first Galba denarius. I still really like this coin with it's action packed reverse and great Galba portrait (even though its also not a coin worthy of the Dioscuri collection 😁)
  11. By the way, I'm also very interested to see how the EID MAR will do. Will it fetch more than one million CHF?
  12. Don't think absurd though. Clearly, many of the coins were the best of the best out there. And with coins (and provenances) like that and offered by NAC, they will fetch high prices. You dont have to be a millionaire to participate, some Severans went for 100+ something CHF only. But I'm happy, and do hope, that millionairs spend their money at NAC, or the NY sales in January, and not at some random e-sale 😁 And congratulations to all the winners! Fantastic coins.
  13. Thanks everyone for replying. The number of messages and replies is absolutely heartwarming, I didn't expect that many replies! Some good ideas too! I'll see if I can follow up on that. And thanks @Kaleun96 for the discord channel. I'll check that out.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone or maybe a group of people, to deliberate potential coin purchases with in upcoming "lower-end" auctions. I'll explain myself. I've always collected Romans on a somewhat tight budget and my coin purchases/year are on the low side in comparison to other members (10 to 12 / year). This year the budget is even tighter. So far I've never disussed my targets and how to go for them, with others on this board or on CT, public nor private, and don't have other collectors in my own surroundings. However, I've noticed that I would like to talk with people about upcoming auctions, my targets, my chances and how to spend the budget wisely. I'm not looking for a dealer, but a private individual or individuals to have a nice talk with about these matters, which also means it would go both ways :-) And to be clear: I'm looking at Romans in general, and mainly at e auctions, and definitely not the high end stuff. I realise that there are some difficulties, for example what if me and the other person are interested in the same coin. And I don't know how to deal with such a case, or something similar. But certain agreements can of course be made I think. I do believe however that such interaction is enriching for my hobby experience. So, my question: is someone interested, and willing to start conversations? Please let me know. A PM is much appreciated! Thanks.
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