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This week our interviewed member is certainly one of the most prolific poster here on Numisforums. Like no one else, he knows how to combine humor and numismatic knowledge in each of his threads. In summary, is it humanly possible not to love this unique collector ??? So let’s get to know Ryro better !


I was born a square shaped Greek in Thebes, along with my scrawny twin brother (from a different father). My mother, Alcmene, was tricked into having me. Blah, blah. I killed my wife and kids (who hasn't?). I spent 12 years paying for my crimes and was released back into normal society a changed man (not really, I still suffer from incurable bouts of rage). Someday, I hope to be poisoned and set on fire, so that I will be sent to live in the mountains with my pig of a father...

Jk, that's the story of a friend of mine. You don't know him. Names Philburtakles. Here he is:



Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, your family, hobbies ?

My name is Ryan. I've most always been a West Coaster. My dad being in the USAF meant I got to move around a lot as a kid and develop a unique personality traveling around. 

(I coulda been the Gerber baby or I coulda been a contender all in one)

My wife and I just celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary, have 3 boys, a bird and a new dog.

I enjoy most all things ancient. I prefer to drink scotch, whiskey, vodka and absinthe (in that order😉). I play the guitar, bass, ukulele and most any thing with strings. Though, not ham. NEVER a ham.

From time to time, I suffer from depression and anxiety, you could say I've got Stevie Ray Vaughan and...



but I hate being dependent on medication... that I don't drink of my own accord. Meditation is very helpful. Still, I struggle. I don't suffer fools, but who likes being an axehole? Not me. So, I do my best.

I love athletics. Boxing in particular. I've been on radio, live and recorded TV, podcasts, and even a few documentaries (movies) as a boxing historian:


(Me at the gym, years ago, with the, now deceased, Fullmer brothers ((whom helped open plenty of doors for me in my broadcasting career)) learning the craft. I interviewed each of them on radio and TV broadcasts over the decade I spent training with them and helping train and mentor wayward youths like myself). Ran two marathons, more halves than I can count and LOVE mud runs and Spartans!


(me doing my best Sisyphus impersonation)

I've gone back to school, while working full time and taking care of the fam, and am just passed halfway to getting my bachelors in business management.


How did you get interested in ancient coinage ?

My dad is a HUGE history buff and collects ancients as well. He started my big brother and I on American coins (Yuck! Gross. I know...though, I still collect em occasionally). As I got older he started sharing his ancients with me and even gave me my first Greek and roman coins... My first fouree into ancients😉:


(I still haven't taken the proper time to identify where my first coin really may have came from. Posthumous and plated)

Alexander III ‘the Great’. 336-323 BC. AR Plated Drachm Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin; s / Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; in left field, holding Eagle.


What was the first coin you bought ?

I truly don't remember the first coin that I bought online. However, I do remember the first coin that I bought in person at a coin show. It started my love of Sicilian coinage:


Sicily, Akragas. Tetras 10.35 g), ca. 420-406 BC. AKPA, eagle right, head lowered to devour hare held in talons; in left field, crab right. Reverse Crab; below, three pellets above crayfish left. CNS 50; SNG ANS 1037; HGC 2, 140. Glossy dark chocolate brown patina. Purchased at Salt Lake coin show 2017. 


Ryan, can you tell us an anecdote about a coin you own ? Your best bargain ? Your rarest coin ? The specimen you will never sell ? The one you dream of acquiring ?

I have met exactly one other Numis Forums buddy in real life (though have had a raucous good time communicating with plenty of you via PM and on platform). We planned it in advance, of course. We met up at the biggest coin show that I have ever attended. I had the good fortune to pick the brain of one of the world's foremost on all things Faustinian while we talked with the different sellers. Great sense of humor he has as well. Perusing the merch we came across an incredibly knowledgeable seller who he was friends with. They told some pretty great stories about ancient rulers, coins etc. and we yucked it up. I ended up picking up 2 coins from the seller, Bill Rosenblum, who gave me a helluva good deal on this ancient masterpiece (that is always mentioned when asked what are some of my favorite coins). This coin will be staying in my collection and being handed down to one of my sons someday. It was a great afternoon. I truly recommend treating yourself, if you ever have the chance, to meet up with other ancient addicts...collectors, I mean collectors😉 Just do it!


Sicily, under the tyrant Gelon

Silver tetradrachm (16.91 gr, 25 mm)

Obv: Slow quadriga being driven r. by male charioteer, Nike above crowning horses

Rev: Head of Artemis-Arethusa right, 4 dolphins around legend, ΣVRAKOΣI-ON

Popular type. Boeh-353, SNG-113 Toned VF, obverse somewhat grainy.

Purchased from Bill Rosenblum March 2022


Despite the legend naming the Syracusans as the issuing authority, this gem of early Classical Syracusan coinage was struck while the city was controlled by the Deinomenid dynasty of tyrants. The dynasty was founded by Gelon, who first assumed power as tyrant in Gela in 491 BC before seizing Syracuse in 485 BC. The expansion of the territory under his control and a great victory over the Carthaginians in 480 BC were instrumental in raising Syracuse to the status of preeminent city in Greek Sicily. The greatness of Syracuse only increased under Gelon's successor, Hieron I. Hieron defeated a combined Carthaginian and Etruscan army at Cumae in 474 BC and won the chariot race events at both the Pythian Games in 470 BC and the Olympic Games in 468 BC, one or both of which might be commemorated by the obverse type of this coin. Unfortunately, the Deinomenid tyranny also became increasingly oppressive under Hieron I and not long after his death in 466 BC, a series of revolutions at Syracuse and other cities overthrew the Deinomenids in favor of new democratic constitutions.

Rarest coin, I've a few. Here's one that RPC says is singular (though, a French museum has the type of his fratricidal older brother, I've not been able to acquire an image of it) Not just that, it's the last time a Macedonian shield is shown on an ancient coin:


Geta. As Caesar,

AD 198-209.

AE (5.91g 20mm) MACEDON, Koinon of Macedon. Beroea mint.

Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev: Macedonian shield. Unpublished in the standard references. Singular example known. ★ Extremely rare ★

Ex Gorny & Mosch 191 (11 October 2010), lot 1769. Ex CNG auction 415 lot 312, Ex Demos 11 (1 July 2022) Lot 459, From the A. Czarnocka . Collection Warsaw


In regards to the question about a dream coin, there are really too many to mention, nor do I want to tip anyone off to what great coins are out there anymore than I already have blabbing on about Sicilians, RRs etc. Keep collecting them LRBs and Byzantines, lads and ladies😁.


Ryan, what do you collect exactly ? What is the size of your collection ?

Time period, context, artistry and personalities all play a role. And so, I will continue to buy coins outside of areas that I've designated my usual spaces. But those usual spaces are varied a well:

MSCs, Sicilians, RRs, naked ladies, ithyphallic satyrs (boner coins), Sakkos, rad designs, beasts, masterful artistry, Herakles labors, and yes, embarrassingly, I have a large collection of most of the Roman Emperors,


their wives and Caesars.

Like the kids say:


In regards to size, it's enormous. As is the collection. 


What did you write about ?

I am currently working on a book featuring all of the different MSCs that I own, the various Diadochi, imitations and coins featuring the Macedonian shield. 


What period of history interests you the most ?

Pretty much all things ancient. Other than most religious stuff. I find it tedious. Paganism or bust for me.


Do you have a numismatic goal for the next year ?

Find more dope coins and continue to grow the baddest MSC collection on Earth!


What numismatic books do you own / consult most often ?

I do have an alright collection of books on ancients, but more and more enjoy finding articles on key interests online and downloading PDFs as opposed to spending money on books that take up too much space when I could be spending that dough on coins!

Well, if you've stayed with me this far, I thank you. As well, thanks to @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix for reaching out and putting this together. I hope to get to know more of you and see what interests you all.

All my best,



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I love the interview! And after all these years, now I finally know what you look like! Thanks so much to both of you.

Nothing to do with coins, but you've reminded me that one of my favorite live music performances ever -- and I haven't been to that many compared to most people -- was seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan perform at the 1985 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, on the Riverboat President. Here's a photo of him I found from that performance.


Albert King was on that night as well.


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Thanks for all the kind words and thanks for reaching out and putting these together @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix!

Thanks @CPK! Our marriage is a full grown adult at this point. If video stores were still around it would be creeping around in the back section behind the beaded curtains😉😉


I appreciate it @El Cazador. Is was fun to write. 

I'm so peanut butter and jealous of you @DonnaML!!!(And not just cause of your insanely beautiful RR and antiquities collection). SRV is one of my all time favorites. Such an absolute talent and shame to lose a man who only enjoyed 35 years on this planet😍

I can't wait to get that copy to you @kirispupis


Yes, @Al Kowsky I'm as complex as this Rubix cube


And I always appreciate your posts and contributions to mine. Thanks for playing along!

Appreciated @Qcumbor! I loved your post as well as I love your taste in coins. It's a very special thing that we were handed down this love of ancient coins from our grandfather and father, respectively. 

Very kind words @expat and excellent song. That Garfunkel is one of my all time favs🤪

If anyone hasn't guessed, the one Coin pal that I've had the pleasure of chilling with (I wanted to double check that he was cool with me mentioning him slumming it with scrubby ole me) was @Roman Collector. It was a BLAST and we will do it again my friend. 

Y'all were so nice, I'll drop a new purchase I haven't shared yet. It's my dear friend...


Kings of Galatia. Amyntas, AE. (Bronze,8.85 g 24mm) 36-25 BC.

Obv: Bearded and bare head of Philburtakles right, with club over shoulder.

Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / AMYNTOY, Lion walking, right.

Ref: RPC I 3502; HGC 7, 781; BMC 8-11.

Edited by Ryro
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Another home run in the series @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix.

It is always great to see what Ryan is adding to his very extensive collection. I have spoken with him many times and I knew a lot of this already… although I don’t recall knowing about his musical talents. (Have you ever tried to play the Kithara, Ryan?).

If I’m not mistaken his username is a Scooby reference (which is so spot on). 

I am honored to have a few coins that are ex Ryro. This Spithridates is an especial favorite of mine.

Achaemenid Empire
Spithridates as Satrap
AE10, mint in Ionia or Lydia, struck 334 BC
Dia.: 10 mm
Wt.: 1.5 g
Obv.: Head of Spithridates right, wearing bashlyk
Rev.: Forepart of horse right; TO monogram in upper left 
field, ΣΠ-I below and in right field
Ref.: SNG Copenhagen 1538; SNG von Aulock 1823; Klein 367; Babelon, Perses 380
Ex Ryro Collection

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Thanks @Ancient Coin Hunter I am excited to read more of these and see if anyone is as weird and dope as I!?!?


Aww shucks, thanks @Sulla80! I always enjoy your commentary and coins. And this video!!! Do they have Victor Freaking Wootin on bass??? All time legends funking things up. 

Here's something silly that the Romans were superstitious about, things facing left. Caligula didn't seem to worry... though, maybe he should've:IMG_5551.jpg.e0c9c8dc44d9ff843269a51ff381bc77.jpg.32fe64a0b0d06f186303b461cd4ca37b.jpgScreenshot_20230126_095145-removebg-preview.png.a7395077d7ef7f46aa5997e4e7486eb6.png

Good thing this is going left and not right... into Septy's face!


@Curtisimo outa recognize this left facing beauty (prolly regrets giving it to me now that he's on the LRB train)


And no, buddy, I also play the ukulele, banjo etc, but have not had the opportunity to jam a kithara. 

Also, thanks for sharing that coin of the man who almost upended Greek/ western culture with one single blow!

You're great @lordmarcovan!

Always happy to make someone laugh. Thanks @Furryfrog02

And thanks for not calling the cops on me for showing my passion😉 @panzerman I appreciate you.

Nice comment and thanks @thejewk

What can I say? It's a labor of love @Limes (both the raising of three boys and the collecting)... speaking of labors, my second labor of Herakles coin just arrived!4499009_1693844743.l-removebg-preview.png.d15c8109f671875c3038ff0a9e22149f.png

Edited by Ryro
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20 hours ago, Ryro said:

What can I say? It's a labor of love @Limes (both the raising of three boys and the collecting)... speaking of labors, my second labor of Herakles coin just arrived!

Respect for that Ryro. Man, wish I had that energy, but now Im just in survival mode only (and our youngest not sleeping well for about a year now isnt helping!) Keepingup with the labour here, but write ups will have to wait for better days. 

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