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  1. Fantastic, has been on my “Buy list “ for over 3 years now, where did u get it?
  2. whatever makes you happy! I guess,for the same reason you are on buyers - “no buy list”, given nature of your pricing strategies and listing tooled and smoothed coins for absurd sums…. or writing 5-pager essays that nobody has time or desire to read… let’s close the topic, please!
  3. Totally fine, i see nothing wrong with it! Its a market, so everyone has to negotiate…
  4. Curacao is super cool, especially the island itself, diving is superb and its more fun than more marketed Aruba! great pictures, as always!
  5. Solid list @Kazuma78 I voted for #1,# 4 and #9 Lysimachos
  6. @Brennos Happy New Year! I am always excited to see your list and my vote goes for your #1 , Gela didrachm and Lysimachos stater! overall fantastic list, congratulations!
  7. Nice coins, but top for me are Nerva denarius and Hispan RR denarius
  8. This was absolutely amazing to read, thank you and happy New Year!!
  9. Absolutely fantastic Valerian you got, really neat as those usually pretty ugly 🤣
  10. I chose 1 and 11, I know how hard it can be to get a quality Valerian portrait- really well done!! here is mine for comparison- took me 5 years… cc @savitale
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