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What happened to this coin?!


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Too bad!  I think that the coin is original and left alone and not drilled into a piece of swiss cheese, it would have commanded a health price, especially in today's market, the apparent horn silver notwithstanding.

It seems as if someone got hold of a drill, possibly a kid, and decided to test his/her hole-making ability which is apparently excellent.

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Here it is, on Vcoins. It can be yours, for 100 euros plus shipping etc. To me, the scratches under the pegasus, and the scratches near the back of the helmet, look like cleaning scratches, caused by someone's inexpert initial attempt to clean the coin, which would lower the value of the coin by a large amount. There also seems to be graffito, in the form of a scratched "X", under the pegasus's nose, but that seems laughably minor, compared to everything else that has been done to this poor coin. The drill holes seem modern, but I'm not certain of that, because I'm not an expert in such things. This is not my coin.


Savoca is the seller. Here's the seller description.

"CORINTHIA, Corinth. Circa 375-300 BC. AR Stater (20mm, 6.82g). Pegasos flying left / Helmeted head of Athena left; E and torch behind. Pegasi 372; BCD Corinth 95; HGC 4, 1848. Several holes, otherwise VF"


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"Several holes, otherwise VF" is a shame. Savoca is one of my favorite houses and I bought many coins from their auctions. I was always happy with the coins in hand and the prices I paid, but I noticed quite often that their grading is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery indulgent. Offering this with "very fine" inside the description, oh well...

The only collector who might pay this sum is someone in love with Schweitzer cheese and wants it represented in the collection.

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A few more holes until the coin is completely gone and it can be sold as Proof. 

Either my memory is playing tricks on me or I saw this coin, in the same condition, a few months ago in an auction. Either unsold or went very cheap.

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