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It’s Been an Interesting Year 🙃


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Hi Everyone,

Long time, no talk!

I’m still checking in every day, but, I haven’t really had anything to post.  I love seeing everyone’s year in review- we have an incredible group of coin friend who have incredible collections!  I’m so honoured to be a part of it!

This year was a very quiet coin year for my brother and I.  I decided to put my focus on finally bringing my reptiles to my apartment and giving them the upgrades they needed based on new research- always important!  My brother focused mostly on his other collections.

Half way through the year, my parents and brother were unceremoniously evicted from the home thy had lived in for 12 years.  As a result, they moved into town where they now pay more than double the rent they were paying before for a little more than half the space of their previous home.  It really took its toll on them, especially my mom.

My mom is a closeted, chronic alcoholic.  It’s the worst kept secret in the family.  Yet, our efforts to help her have never been successful and I doubt they ever will because the decision is hers to make, not ours.  

Anyway, her health is starting to get hit by the drinking - she has carcinoma and liver inflammation. 😞  The stress of moving really hit her, but, she’s getting used to being in town.  

I have terrible health anxiety and, when I started noticing some stomach stuff, I went to the dr.  I ended up being on a liquid only diet for three weeks.  It didn’t show much on my waistline, though.  Lol Anyway, after a procedure earlier this week, I got a clean bill of health from the dr just in time for Christmas. 😃

With that being said, we each did get some things related to our coin and antiquities collections (coins - me and antiquities- him)

My brother helped me with last year’s Secret Saturnalia and, when I won the gift voucher to @Prieure de Sion’s Vcoins store, I got him this Domitian denarius:


My brother likes early Bronze Age antiquities, so, he found himself this lot of early stamp seals:


I didn’t buy anything myself, but, Santa @ominus1 gifted me this most awesome hemidrachm for Christmas.  Can you guess what my favourite part about it is? LolA4847277-CC5C-4D48-A5C2-D8D1CD4120B3.jpeg.4b2fe4dffe1737e1309619b3b9c77d85.jpeg


Thank you, @ominus1 for this incredible, thoughtful gift!

As for my reptiles - they are now home and I even adopted a crested gecko in July.

Here is the setup that took what seemed like forever to get right and all of my money. 

Here is Achoo, my 23 yr old golden gecko:


Dotty, my 8 yr old leopard gecko:


Finally, I introduce to you Maple, my 2.5 yr old crested gecko:


I got each of them mini toilets for their enclosures.  🤪

So, I’m hoping to get back onto coins collecting in 2024.  I have a big list of reptile related ancients to work on - a lot of snakes.

We’ll see how my brother’s collection goes.  He tends to be hit and miss because video games are his biggest thing and a new one comes out about every 15 minutes.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and they day after that and they day after that and so on…..  You all deserve the best of days everyday!

Thanks for being my friends.  I really appreciate it. 🙂

May 2024 be the best coin year for all of us!

Erin 😃

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That's an impressive gecko setup! Well done!

I'm also a reptile fan - no lizards, but I have a healthy 7-year-old ball python named Rolf. My wife doesn't mind the snake, but she likes lizards more - especially the little brown anoles that were (literally!) everywhere when we lived in the Bahamas years ago.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a good year to come!

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Thats a cute Gecko! I have a pet Salamander I found while doing clients flowerbed. He lives down in the basement in a beautifull terraium (hope I spelt that right?)

Erin/ I wish You a Wonderfull Christmas!


Here is my upstairs buddy/ sitting on front lawn. However the backyard is her domain to rule over. She does not dig in flowerbeds/ damage plants/ just a good Rottie.





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Your geckos are so incredibly photogenic, Erin! I love them. I finally got another cat recently; it took me a year after my Ziggy died to finally be able get to that point. Her name is Callie (short for Calliope), and I will post photos one of these days!

I'm so sorry about your Mom, but very glad to hear that you got a clean bill of health. That aside, I hope you've actually been feeling better. I've had Crohn's Disease since I was 22, so I know how debilitating that kind of thing can be. 

That's a great lizard coin @ominus1 gave you!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day tomorrow, and the best of New Years.



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On 12/24/2023 at 8:03 PM, airhead1983 said:

My brother helped me with last year’s Secret Saturnalia and, when I won the gift voucher to @Prieure de Sion’s Vcoins store, I got him this Domitian denarius:

I am honoured by your mention - but as beautiful as the coin is - your great reptiles steal the show from every coin... great reptiles!  😍

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Thank you so much, everyone!

I admit that I had a lot of help getting the gecko setup like it is, and I’m really proud of it.

Reptiles were there before coins, so, they’ll always have my heart.

@CPK - I’m jealous!  I want a ball python so bad, but, no one in my family approves, plus, I don’t think my landlord would appreciate a snake in the building.  But, I’m determined to get one someday.  Do you have a pic?

@Heliodromus - the toilets are for my entertainment only, the geckos couldn’t care less about them.  Two of them do their business wherever they please. 🙄. Dotty, my leopard gecko, is very neat and does her thing in one spot.

@panzerman - I’m sure your salamander is very happy!  You have a very pretty and good girl!

@DonnaML - I’m glad that you got another cat and that you gave yourself the proper time to grieve Ziggy.  I’m sorry to hear about the Crohn’s disease. 😞. Digestive issues are not pleasant.

Our family Christmas is tomorrow because my sister worked today, so, I spent the day doing data entry for my volunteer work at our food bank.  I have six months of paper work to go through before next Tuesday. 😳. But, it’s all in good fun!

From Achoo, Dotty, Maple and I - we hope you all have had a fantastic day! 🥳


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Great post, Erin — and my apologies for not seeing it until now.

Amazing coins and seals! Your reptiles and their habitat is great. We frequently see brilliant blue-tailed skinks on our front porch sunning themselves during the summer months.

You’ve certainly got your share of stress causing circumstances going on but hobbies can certainly be a source of relief.

I’ve sent you a link that you may find beneficial.


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Erin, Congrats on a great year & adapting to your new domicile 🤩! I'm sorry to hear of your mother's alcohol addiction, a fight only she can win or succumb to. Your aquariums look magnificent 😮. Have you ever considered designing them on a professional basis 🤔? The photogenic lizards look so happy 😂. Best wishes to you for a great New Year, & hopefully the rest of your family can gain some stability.

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