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Happy Thanksgiving NF


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Back atcha! Happy turkey day! Gobble, Gobble!

Though,  I'm not a turkey fan. If I wanted to eat something that tasted like cardboard I'd do that. 

For those like stomached folks, have a hamtastic day! Hoggle, hoggle!


Trajan, 98-117 Quadrans 98-117, Æ 16.00 mm., 2.44 g. Rome mint. Struck circa AD 98-102. Diademed bust of Hercules right, wearing lion skin / Boar walking right. RIC II 702; Woytek 602b1.

And yes, scotch has been on the menu at my house as well😉

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I'm thankful for family and the fact that I could go home for a nice meal.  It was also nice not to have a lot of traffic on the road today.

My work hosted a Thanksgiving distro to the needy (well, people were supposed to be needy, a lot of people cheated - I even saw people from work getting a box).  Passing over the fact that hundreds of cars (many of them late models) coming into a small service road made it a complete disaster for employees to go home and it was hard for us to park (it was also a complete surprise to 70% of us), the box was very generous.  I saw from a pilfered box that it contained a c. 17 lb. turkey, 10 lbs. of potatoes, a mound of carrots, various traditional fixings, 10 lbs. of apples, no canned stuff, all fresh.

I only had one helping at the family meal, but I'm full.  Turkey and potatoes are pretty filling.  There were some cranberries, cheese, and a French wine. I didn't bother to bring rolls because I'm the only one who eats them.  I also got in time to get the leaves to the curb, thus freeing up the weekend.

I posed a question at dinner why Thanksgiving was on a Thursday, and not a Friday.  Dad pulled out a book and we found out that Lincoln decreed that it be on a Thursday, though it didn't explain why.

I'm hoping that everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

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I wish all of you who celebrate it, a happy Thanksgiving. We don´t celebrate it in Spain and, like @Ryro co-incidentally we had a roast pork dinner at a great restaurant.

Antoninus Pius AE As, RIC 733, Cohen 450, BMC 1624
143-144 AD. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III, laureate head right / IMPERATOR II S-C, Sow facing right under helm-oak, suckling four young, another piglet in front. SC in ex. 25mm, 10.09gr Scarce


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Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. We decided we were tired of Turkey this year (always sort of bland) and had Beef Bourguignon, a country French dish which is delicious.  As it was a 3.7 pound roast, at least half the pot is left over.


Beef Bourguignon Recipe - How to Make Beef Bourguignon (delish.com)

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1 hour ago, seth77 said:


I felt this hard yesterday. First time visiting Mrs. Frog's family since 2017. We now have 2 more kids than last time (4 v 2) and it was the first time for them meeting thr large extended portugese family. Overwhelmed was the word of the day and the extended family couldn't figure out why my kids weren't huge fans of essentially randos coming up and hugging and kissing them. Fun times....

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I don't eat a lot of meat in general, but I always make an exception for Thanksgiving, since someone in my family always prepares it. So, I imbibed much turkey yesterday, along with potatoes, corn, carrots, pie, tartlets, and other now forgotten items that I'm probably still digesting.

Coins didn't come up once in any of the conversations. Nor did Roman or Byzantine history. But an enormous television was on with a football game the entire time, so I did see Dolly Parton perform, though it was the last thing I ever expected to see. Given the size of the screen, it was hard to miss.

Also, I'm an uncle but I don't give out advice. Besides, my nephew doesn't really need any, he was accepted to a few hard to get in graduate programs this year. There probably isn't too much I could tell him at this point. He has no interest whatsoever in coins or collecting. Plus, I never want to be one of those annoying relatives, though I probably am anyway by virtue of just being older. I try not to get upset over things I can't control.

I was thankful to pick up my latest coin at the post office this morning (see here). The holiday had trapped it for an extra day. I managed to wait without exhibiting too many symptoms.

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