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  1. Great purchases. Ive read the right three and all were enjoyable, especially Goldsworthy’s Caesar
  2. Very cool piece. Sadly most of Stuttgart was destroyed in WW2 but the old church and castle you see on the coin are still present today, albeit most likely heavily restored. Of the latter, its hosts the Wurttemberg state museum which I almost always visit when I am in town. Funny that you should have posted this, I just returned from celebrating my News Years there.
  3. I agree. For what I collect, all the coins I was tempted to buy on day one but passed were still available come Sunday. Sadly I wont be making it NYINC this year as I have an exam the following Monday in Austria so a trip wouldn’t be practical. I should be at the ANA worlds fair of money in August though, life permitting.
  4. The other two more specialized books that I received for Christmas were Ive been waiting what feels like eons to read the work on Michael Palaeologus but the price tag held me at bay. I can not wait to begin.
  5. I was gifted the same for Christmas and started reading it yesterday. The other book Ive read since Christmas was Quo Vadis This century old romance novel may not at first glance seem like the kind of book I would read. Alas, it was gifted to me so I decided to give it a chance…and thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover. The meticulously researched work almost reads like a detailed guide to ancient Rome while the elegant translation lends the entire work a flair of poetry. The plot is exciting and the Characters see much development over the course of events. On the far side of a pendulum that recently has swung to rehabilitate the reputation of Nero, this work highlights an equally valid picture of a licentious, monstrous man who ruins the lives of many to satiate his own gluttony and lust. For a glance at Nero, a historically accurate (if fictional) portrayal of his many cronies, and the simultaneous rise of Christianity in the empire, it made for an intriguing read that I would recommend to anyone interested in the era.
  6. That seems foolish. Coins, like any commodity, can be bought at a cheap or expensive price. People can be cheated and swindled. People can be well treated and given fair prices. Just because someone is willing to pay a rate does not mean it is moral to charge it BTW I am not accusing anyone in particular here, Im simply disagreeing that a sold coin at “market price” is alway justified
  7. Someone is consistently skimming at auctions, either causing collectors to pay more when the dealer is the underbidder or to have people lose their targets so the dealer can list that exact same coin at a 3x markup without adding any value. Im not sure what I am missing here
  8. the difference is the systematic purchase of said coins versus a rare occasion
  9. …The authentic examples in original, pristine condition with lovely original patinas will be worth many a factor more than this tooled example. Its almost irrelevant to point towards the finest known examples of the type and their hammers and then justify a coin so tooled its barely even original.
  10. Interesting. I am following another lot that has been sold in consecutive sales at Leu before heading Naumann. I wonder if they have some sort of arrangement to change the venue for these coins that obviously have a reserve not being met
  11. Thanks, Donna. I collect Napoleonic medals vicariously through you. I dont have the time or money to learn the series but I quite enjoy seeing them
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