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Some advice: don't buy coins from APMEX!


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I really have myself to blame in large part.  This mega firm has lots of negative feedback on eBay.  Still I went ahead an ordered a intermediate owl from them.  Here's the photo used in the listing, a nice example with a really good obverse and nice surfaces. 


Well, I didn't read the fine print in the listing.  Buried towards the bottom is this disclaimer, one that I am sure many of you have seen before.  In fact it is not even visible unless one scrolls down:

"Photos in this listing may or may not be stock photos.  The photos are meant to be an indication of the product you will receive."

Well, this is what arrived today.  The coin has been polished and the edge reduced for use in jewelry.  This coin is by no means, in my view, an indication based on the listing's photo.  

So, I've initiated a return.  If I don't hear from them by March 24th, I'll escalate the claim with eBay. 

Caveat Emptor.



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Such coin companies also exist in Germany. These companies sell all kinds of coins here. Gold coins, silver coins, collectors special mintings and also antique coins - and even here it says very small that the pictures are only symbol photos and you get a similar copy of this type. Who overreads this (which is very easy, because the note is deliberately kept small) experiences a (nasty) surprise upon delivery.


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Even if you had understood that it was a stock photo that is meant to be representative of what you would receive, what you received is, in my opinion, at least a full grade below the coin in the stock photo, and possibly even 1.5 grades below. Even by the standards of their own fine print, you did not get what you paid for.

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Thanks everyone!  I initiated a return yesterday.  If APMEX does not reply by March 24 I will escalate the request to a refund.

I've never ordered an ancient coin from them and I rather naively thought with ancient coins this bait and switch scheme was far less likely.  Boy, was I wrong! 

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Here's an update.

The coin was accepted by APMEX for a return.  I sent the coin back last week with the authorization and shipping label, and a refund was issued today through Paypal.

Still, I suggest being very careful when viewing their listings on eBay.  Unless the coin depicted is the one being offered there's a good chance of being very disappointed upon arrival.

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