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Post your Italian States coins!


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Italian States-Tassarolo, Filippo Spinola (1616 - 1688 A.D.)

AR Luigino
O: LIV • MA • PRI • SP • COM • T • SOVV • DOM; Draped bust of Livia Centurioni right.
R: D N S • ADIVTOR •-• ET • REDEM • MEVS; Crowned coat of arms, rosette above, T below, 16 | 66 across fields.
KM 52.1

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Beautiful coins in this thread.  This is my most recent Italian States coin:


Papal States  5 Baiocco Pius IX (1846-1870) 1850 / Year V     Bologna Mint PIVS · IX· PONT · MAXIMVS · ANNO · V · Papal arms (small shield) over laurel wreath / 5 | BAIOCCHI | 1850 | B KM 1346.  (40.22 grams / 40 mm) eBay Jan. 2023 $5.50

It is huge:



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On 2/14/2023 at 5:39 PM, panzerman said:

I will start with this....



Odoardo Farnese I/ Duke of Parma/ Piacenza

AV 2 Doppie 1626

lf - 2023-02-14T155057.881.jpg

lf - 2023-02-14T155116.432.jpg


That Odoardo Farnese I AV 2 Doppie is a knockout coin!

Wonderful examples posted!

I have a few Italian states coins.

Philip II, mezzo ducato, Naples, 1554-6 IBR (monogram). Purchased from a Daniel Sedwick auction in 2020.

Pannuti Riccio 3

14.7 grams

This coin was struck during the period that Philip II was the husband of Mary I of England.  "ANG" (for England) appears in the obverse title between 10 and 12 o'clock.




Sicily, Ferdinand IV, oncia, 1791, Palermo mint.  Purchased from the Money Company, 1990.

KM221, Dav-1420, MIR-597 (R2), Spahr-2

68.2 grams

This is an old timer with seems to be a test scratch behind the portrait.  This coin has a wonderful depiction of the phoenix arising from the flames on the reverse.



I have other Italian states coins that need to be photographed, something that I hope to accomplish in the future.

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Got this 13th century bad boy at auction during NYINC.  Had been looking for one of these with the right look ever since reading the Florence section in Eric Weiner’s “The Geography of Genius”.  




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Nice Florentine AV Florino d'oro!


Here is another one acquired from Heritage....

It was struck under Ranuccio I Farnese/ but portrays his Dad/ Alessandro Farnese Duci di Parma & Piacenza

AV 2 Doppis 1595 (As you can see/ the coin was poorly executed) 

Had the Spanish fleet succeeded in 1588. Philip II European Commander was Alessandro. So he would have led the Spanish land armies in the invasion of England.

lf - 2023-02-18T102355.497.jpg

lf - 2023-02-18T102418.482.jpg

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Here is my favorite Italian States piece in my collection. It's very nice in hand. 


Florence. Ferdinand II de Medici Teston 1636 AU58 NGC, KM-Unl., CNI-XII-91. A scarce Teston type depicting St. John the Baptist to the reverse, bordering on Mint State


And this piece that I don't know why I purchased because I hate snakes. It's a terrifying image to me.




ITALY, Milano (duchy). Gian Galeazzo Visconti. 1395-1402. AR Pegione – Grosso da 1.5 soldi 

Diameter: 24mm
Weight: 2.41 g

New coinage. Milano mint. Struck 1395-1398. 

Obverse: Visconti arms (coiled serpent left, consuming man) flanked by G 3; all within quadrilobe with leaves in spandrels Reverse: Nimbate St. Ambrose enthroned facing, wearing episcopal regalia, holding scourge and crozier

MIR 121/1; Crippa 4/A; cf. MEC 12, 635-8 (for type). Deposits. VF.

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A few medieval Italian coins:



Italy, Ancona, civic issue, BI denaro, 1173/–mid 14th c. Obv: + DE ANCONA; cross. Rev: +.PP.S.QVI.RI.A.; CVS around dot. 17mm, 0.67g. Ref: Biaggi 33; CNI 76.



Italy, Genoa, civic issue, AR denaro, 1139-1339 (class D, 1190s–1236 AD). Obv: +•IA•NV•A•; city gate. Rev: •CVNRADI REX; cross pattée. 16mm, 0.74g. Ref: MEC 12, 213–215; CNI 69; MIR 16; Biaggi 835.



Italy, Lucca, civic issue, under Henry II-V, AR denaro, c. 1004–1125 AD. Obv: +IMPERATOR; H-monogramm in circle. Rev: +ENRICVS; L-V-C-A around central dot. 16mm, 0.91g. Ref: Biaggi 1098.



Kingdom of Naples, under Robert "the Wise" of Anjou, AR gigliato, 1309–1317. Naples mint (?). Obv: +ROBERT DEI GRA IERL ET SICIL REX; Robert sitting facing on lion throne, holding lily scepter and globus cruciger. Rev: + hOnOR. REGIS. IUDICIU. DILIGIT; floral cross, lilies in quadrants. 28mm, 3.93g. Ref: MIR Napoli 28.

Normans on Sicily:


Norman Kingdom of Sicily, under William II "the Good," AE trifollaro, 1166–1189 AD, Messina mint. Obv: lion's head facing. Rev: palm tree. 26mm, 10.27g. Ref: Spahr 117; Biaggi 1231.



Italy, Republic of Venice, under Giovanni Dolfin (57th Doge), AR soldino (slightly clipped), 1356-1361 AD. Obv: +IOh’S DELPhYNO DVx; kneeling doge holding banner l., . Rev: + S MARCVS VENETI; lion of St. Marc with banner l.; in field l., S. 14mm, 0.43g. Ref: MEC12, 1164–1165.

And, though not really a coin, here is a 15th century money weight from Milan that was meant to check @panzerman's splendid gold coins:


Italy, Milan (Duchy), under Galeazzo Maria Sforza, AE peso monetale (coin weight for the ducato d’oro), ca. 1466–1476 AD. Obv: armored bust of Galeazzo Maria Sforza r. Rev: originally blank; circular punch and retrograde S added after striking. 16mm, 3.34g. Mazza: I Pesi Monetari di Monete Milanesi 24 (or similar).

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Here are two more coins that I photographed today.

Philip II, Kingdom of the two Sicilies, ducato, Naples, 1564-1571.

CNI XX, page 67; 578 Davenport 8317

29.79 grams 

This is the first Italian states crown that I purchased back in the mid 1980s from my local coin dealer, who specializes in Italian coinage, with a focus on Sicily. The coin has been cleaned, but over the years toned nicely.

While not lacking a date, this coin can be identified as one minted following the end of Philip II's marriage to Mary I of England, due to the absence of ANG (England) in the obverse legend.  This is a hammer struck coin.



Republic of Genoa, scudo stretto, 1647 BN.  Acquired from World Wide Coins of California, June 1991, lot 196 ($600).

Davenport 3901; CNI-2

38.22 grams

Genoa, in the 17th and 18th centuries was a prosperous center of trade and banking, serving the financial needs of the Hapsburg and later Bourbon kings of Spain.  This is reflected in Genoa's prolific coinage during this period, with often times beautiful and magnificent examples in gold and silver, including multiple scudo size coins.   


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A few more if you will put up with me!

Papal States 10 Soldi 1867 Pius IX Year XIIPapalStates10Soldi1867PiusIXYearXII.jpeg.927e5c535a9f29aa069e02663cffd44a.jpeg

Papal States 1 Lira Pius IX Year XIII 1869PapalStates1LiraPiusIXYearXIII1869.jpeg.19b2c04e92978a0013827fe4d0a35583.jpeg

Clockwise from top L:  Gubbio 1680 Quattrino, Venice ND (1676-1684) Soldo, Gorizia 1799 2 Soldi, Milan 1777 1/2 Soldocollage.jpg.f33dc9f6a214a84a8e823f6ec3de5c69.jpg

Papal States (?) Pope Paul V Testone (Couldn't find an exact match for this one, but his Papacy was 1605-1621)PaulVTestone.jpeg.149ad6fc7c34d5d71c9f8643654e7c50.jpeg

As you can see, I love Italian states coins, especially when I can get them unidentified for cheap!

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