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Magnus Maximus: The Emperor, the myth, the Welsh legend.


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The first arrival for January, although hopefully not the last, is this Magnus Maximus AE2 from Constantina/Arelate. My biggest LRB, I've wanted a coin of Magnus Maximus since I started collecting and now I've finally ticked him off the Emperors list. I still have to get one of Flavius Victor, who eludes me to this day.


Have you guys got coins of Magnus Maximus or Victor to share? 

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Magnus Maximus has some great coins. Flavius is not easy to find.

Flavius Victor Clipped Siliqua, 387-388
Milan. Silver, 10mm, 0.68g (cut down from 16-17mm, 1.25-1.8g). Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; D N FL VIC-(TOR P F AVG). Roma seated left, holding globe in right hand, reversed spear in left, (VIRTVS RO-M)ANORVM; mintmark MDPS (RIC IX, 19b). From the South Ferriby (Lincolnshire) Hoard 1909. Portable Antiquities Scheme IARCH-1C7D3F.

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Magnus Maximus (Maxen/Macsen Wledig), AR Siliqua

Obv:– D N MAG MAX-IMVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev:– VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Roma enthroned facing, head left, holding globe & spear
Minted in Trier (TRPS), A.D. 383-388
Reference:– RIC IX, 84b1. RSC 20a.


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Maridvnvm is derived from Moridvnvm which was the Roman name for the Roman town of Carmarthen (English), Caerfyrrdin (Welsh) in west Wales. Caerfyrddin is sometimes translated as Myrddin's Town which is Anglicised to Merlin's Town or is could be that Myrddin (a Welsh male Christian name) is a mutation from Moridunum.

I was born in Carmarthen and my Secondary School was called Maridvnvm.....

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My favorite AE type for Magnus Maximus is the VICTORIA AVGG maiorina, minted shortly while Maximus reached an understanding with Theodosius ca. late 384:



The regular REPARATIO REIPVB are widely dated for the full extent of Maximus reign which I think it's more conventional than an actual dating. And a hint for narrowing this period, at least for a short time, is the fact that there are no maiorinae for Flavius Victor, so at the latest in 387 the REPARATIO REIPVB maiorina might have been discontinued in the West also.

For Victor the AE seems to be restricted to the AE4 campgate:


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I have examples of father and son. Neither are much to write home about...but I will write anyways:

This rough ugly guy that I got for $4. A place holder until I can find a better affordable example:



A little better looking son. I cherry picked this one from an unidentified lot of late Roman coins


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Fun thread! And congratulations on the big guy. 

I had one of the larger Mag Max coins, but then sold a bunch of my LRBs due to lack of interest... then I became interested again and picked up this little fella:


Magnus Maximus AD 383-388. Aquileia

Follis Æ, 12 mm, 0,90 g, very fine

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My one and only Magnus Maximus:

Magnus Maximus [Emperor in West AD 383-388 by usurpation from Gratian], AR reduced Siliqua, AD 383-388, Trier Mint. Obv. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right, DN MAG MAX-IMVS PF AVG [AV ligatured] / Rev. Helmeted Roma seated facing on throne, head left, holding globe in right hand and reversed spear in left hand, VIRTVS RO-MANORVM; in exergue, TR PS [TR = Trier Mint; PS = Pvsvlatvm (struck from refined, purified silver; see Sear RCV V, Introduction p. 7)]. 1.90 g., 16.32 x 16.08 mm., 12 h. RIC IX 84(b)(1) (p. 29), RSC V 20b (ill. p. 176), Sear RCV V 20644 (p. 422); Ghey 56f (this coin) [Ghey, E., “Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire,” unpublished catalogue held by British Museum]. Purchased 17 May 2022 from Noonans (f/k/a Dix Noonan Webb) Auction, “The Vale of Pewsey Hoard of Late Roman Silver Coins,” Lot 82; ex Vale of Pewsey Hoard, discovered in Wiltshire 12-13 Sep. 2020, Portable Antiquities Scheme Hoard ID BM-7D34D9 (see https://finds.org.uk/database/hoards/record/id/3305). [Footnotes omitted.]


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I have only some copper ones:


D N MAG MAXI - MVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

REPARATIO - REIPVB // PCON : Magnus Maximus standing left, raising kneeling crowned female to right and holding Victory on globe

Arlate, RIC 26a, Maiorina



D N MAG MAXI-MVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

REPARATIO -  REIPVB/ -/ P/ LVGS , Magnus Maximus standing left, raising kneeling crowned female to right and holding Victory on globe

Lyon,  RIC 32 ,maiorina


D N MAG MA - XIMVS P F AVG : diademed, draped and cuirassed bust to right

SPES RO – MA - NORVM // SMTR : campgate with two towers, star between

Treveri, RIC IX 87a, AE4


D N FL VIC – TOR P F AVG : Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust

SPES RO – MA - NORVM // PCON : Camp gate with two turrets; above, star between

Arles, RIC 29, AE4


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It's my duty to show off this one again, obviously. A double die match for this coin in the British Museum.

Magnus Maximus Solidus, 383-388
Augusta/London. Gold, 21mm, 4.59g, 6h. Rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Magnus Maximus right, seen from front; D N MAG MA-XIMVS P F AVG. Magnus Maximus and Theodosius I seated facing on double throne, jointly holding globe between them; half-length figure of Victory above facing between, vertical palm branch under throne; VICTOR-IA AVGG; AVGOB in exergue (RIC IX, 2b; Biaggi 2312 (this coin)). Ex Leo Biaggi de Blasys. NGC #6057866-002.

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