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E is for Ephesos

Ephesos Ar Octobol 280-250 BC Obv.  Bust of Artemis right draped witg bow and quiver behind. Rv. Forepart of a stag right head reverted to face palm tree. SNG Kayhan 263 4.79 grms 16 mm Photo by W. Hanseephesus1.jpg.de8048ef8301d0e34229fa0d96b47e27.jpg

During a breif period in its history the goddess Artemis was featured on the obverse of the coinage with the more or less ubiquitous stag seen on the reverse, The bee which usually had the honor of being depicted on the obverse is here relegated to the reverse as a secondary symbol.

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E for Elymais


Kingdom of Elymais
Early-Mid 2nd Cent AD
Æ Drachm
Obv.: Facing Bust in Tiara with left & right Pellets in Crescent; 1 Crossbar
Rev.: Eagle with spread wings ;Talons foreward
Æ, 3.41 g, 15 mm
Ref.: Van't Haaff Type 14.2, Subtype 1-3a THIS COIN
Ex Van't Haaff Collection

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E for Eagle


Macrinus, AD 217-218
Billon tetradrachm
Obv.: AVT K M OP CE MAKPINOC CE- B, laureate head right
Rev.: ΔHMAPX […], eagle facing, wings spread, head left, wreath in beak, crescent horns up below head, radiate bust of Helios between legs (reverse die from Caracalla)
Billon, 12.68g, 25.3mm
Ref.: Prieur 1015

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19 hours ago, ewomack said:

E for King Edward I

Nice! E is also for the other Edwards:


Kingdom of England, Edward II, AR penny, 1305–1310 AD (class 10cf(3?)), London mint. Obv: +EDWA R ANGL DNS hYB, crowned bust facing within a tressure of arches, fleurs on cusps. Rev: CIVI-TAS LON-DON; long cross, three pellets in each angle. 18mm, 1.40g. Ref: Spink 1410–1414.


Kingdom of England, Edward III, AR groat, 1361–1369 AD (“treaty period”), London Tower mint. Obv: +EDWARD: DEI: G: REX: ANGL: DNS: hYB: Z: AQT, crowned bust facing within a tressure of arches, fleurs on cusps. Rev: +POSVI x DEVM x ADIVTOREM x MEVM; long cross, three pellets in each angle; CIVITAS LONDON around inner circle. 26mm, 4.30g. Ref: Spink 1616.



Kingdom of England, Edward IV (second reign), AR groat, 1471–1483, London mint. Obv: EDWARD DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC, pierced cross with pellet in lower l. angle; saltire stops; crowned bust facing within a tressure of arches, fleurs on cusps, none above crown. Rev: POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM; long cross, three pellets in each angle, rose after DEVM; CIVITAS LONDON around inner circle. 25mm, 2.90g. Ref: Spink 2098.

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E....Ecbatana mint /  Eagle


Parthia, Vologases VI 208-228 AD, AE Chalkous, 10mm-1.25gm. Ecbatana Mint.
Obverse Bearded, diademed bust of king left, wearing torque and tiara decorated with hooks, a line with pellets and an ear flap, dotted border around
Reverse Eagle standing left with wings open
Reference Sellwood 88.29, Shore 640

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E is for Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt.

Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Ptolemy IV Philopator, 222-205/204 BC. Æ Dichalkon (15mm, 2.43g, 12h). Tyre mint. Obv: Horned head of Zeus-Ammon right, wearing taenia with basileion over forehead, dotted border. Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; club to left, ΣE monogram between eagle's legs. Ref: CPE B550.


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later Egypt


Alexandria, year 13, AD 52-53
Æ Diobol
Obv.: [TI] KΛAΥ KAI CEB[AC GEΡMA], laureate head right
Rev.: AΥTO [KΡA], L-IΓ, eagle standing right, head left, wings closed
Æ, 8.46g, 26.6mm
Ref.: Dattari 156; Geissen 105
Ex Höhn auction

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E for Eirene


Aurelianus, 270 - 275
Egypt Alexandria, Tetradrachm, year 3, 272.
Obv.: A K Λ ΔOM AVPHΛIANOC CEB, laureate cuirassed bust right
Rev.: LΓ in left field, Eirene standing left, holding olive branch and transverse sceptre.
Billon,11.39g, 20.3 mm
Ref.: Milne 4359, Kampmann/Ganschow 106.14

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E for Ecu d'or


Charles VII (1422-1461) - Ecu d'or - 3° emission de 1424, atelier de Toulouse (annelet sous la cinquieme lettre)
Croisette sur etoile initiale, KAROLVS : DEI : GRATIA : FRANCORVM : REX, Ecu de France couronné
+ XPC : VINCIT : XPC : REGNAT : XPC : IMPERAT, croix arquée, evidée et fleudelisée, cantonnée de quatre coronelles
3.76 gr, 28 mm
Ref : Ciani # 617



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