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  1. Ummm, here are a couple more thread-additions ... I like you guys Cheers Stevex
  2. Great Tiberius coins, gang Ummm, I only had a couple of Tiberius examples, but they were both pretty cool TIBERIUS AE As Tiberius – Caesar 8-14 AD Tiberius – Augustus 14-37 AD Clunia, Spain Diameter: 28 MM Weight: 13.9 GRAMS Obverse: TI CAESAR AVG F AVGVSTVS IMP, laureate head right, countermark of bull rushing right on Tiberius' neck Reverse: L IVL RVF T CALD CON T POMP LON P IVL NEP IIII VIR, Bull facing left, CLVNIA above, countermark of eagle's head on bull Other: AB-839 … RPC-456 These countermarks both date to the reign of Emperor Claudius Ex-stevex6 SPAIN, Emerita. Tiberius, Æ Dupondius (below) 14-37 AD Diameter: 35 mm Weight: 23.85 grams Obverse: Laureate head left Reverse: City-view seen from aerial perspective: city wall with five T-shaped crenellations fronted by main gate consisting of two arched bays flanked by two multi-story crenellated towers, each with arched window; gate inscribed AVGVSTA/EMERITA and decorated with four T-shaped crenellations Reference: ACIP 3407a; RPC I 41 Other: 9h … Good Fine, black patina Ex-stevex6 … Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection => Cheers, my ol' friends
  3. Super cool addition, Jango (oh, and a fantastic write-up ... thanks for the coin-effort) Cheers stevex6
  4. Fantastic coins and sweet tunes, coin-friends Ummm, get through the intro and then => Crank it and have a beer => cheers Galeria Valeria. Augusta, Æ Follis Cyzicus mint, 4th officina Struck circa AD 308 293(?)-311 AD Diameter: 26 mm Weight: 6.34 grams Obverse: Diademed and draped bust right Reverse: Venus standing facing, head left, lifting dress and holding apple; MKΔ Reference: RIC VI 38 Other: 1h … EF, dark brown to black patina
  5. Oh my => that's a sweet fuckin' coin, my ol' friend Cheers, from the stevex6's!!
  6. Here are 2 cool songs from a classic album (Madman Across the Water) Madman Across The Water - Bing video Oh, and here are a couple of my ex tiny lil' coins ...
  7. Great tunes, coin-gang ... Ummm, sorry that I haven't dropped-in too often lately (I've been busy doing summer yard-chores and other vacation stuff ... non-coin good times) Oh well, it is always great sayin' "hey" to my cool coin-friends ... Here is a fun tune from a "classic?" flick from a while back ... crank it and enjoy the day!! (cheers) Oh, and this sweet clam-coin was always one of my favs Cheers stevex6
  8. WOW!! ... soooooooo many fricken cool bookshelves, stuffed full of soooooo many cool coin-books!! => hats-off to all of you!! (that's amazing librarian-man-ship) Ummmm, I sold all of my old coin books to TIF a few years ago (my bad) ... oh, but I did keep a few of my favs ... This lil' beauty will "never" be sold ... yes, I am a HUGE David Sear groupie!! => First Edition of his first book (signed, to "me" ... cause he loves me!!) 😉
  9. Great coin-tunes, my ol' friends Here is a tune from one of my recent Canadian favourite bands Hmmm, I'm not sure what ol' coin to post? ... umm, how 'bout this baby?
  10. The Tragically Hip - New Orleans Is Sinking (.) - Bing video
  11. ... sidenote ... Today is also Doug Smith's 900th birthday (Mentor) ... that dude is soooo cool Cheers stevex6
  12. Wow!! ... congrats, coin-bros ... both of those Meris coins are awesome!! (congrats on snagging one of those ... sadly, I never did snag one .. sigh) Oh, but I did snag a whole bunch of cool Macedon coins ... below are merely a few of my sweet ex-winners => congrats again on adding those great examples to your collections! Cheers
  13. Hey Donna, I am sorry to hear that you are cat-less at the moment (hopefully, you'll allow additional cats to fill your life with love? TBD) ... man, I love cats as well, but dogs are my true spirit-animal ... The first photo (below) is of my "late best-friends" => Buster (English Spaniel) and Larry (my baby-girl, wolf road-rescue) ... the 2nd & 3rd photos are of "Hector" => my 2 year-old English Spaniel (he has become my new best-friend) DOGS ROCK!! (they are good for your soul) Cheers to all of you pet-owners ... awkward ... I seem to like/get-along with animals better than I get-along with humans (just ask my sweet wife) ; ) whatev ... have a great day, coiners (great animal-thread, Ryro ... keep that shit up!!)
  14. Saddest story "ever" ... man, I love dogs Horribly sad story, but fantastic and cool animal-coin (for the win!) Cheers Oh, and here are a few doggy-coins ... woof-woof, arf!!
  15. CARIA, Idyma. AR Hemiobol 5th century BC Diameter: 8 mm Weight: 0.44 grams Obverse: Land tortoise with segmented shell Reverse: Leaf, pellet Reference: SNG Ashmolean 228; SNG Kayhan 1627 = CNG 72, lot 803; Klein 522 Other: 11h … toned, slightly granular, reverse off center … super cool and pretty rare (a total winna-winna) ... oh, and I might as well toss-in a photo of my dog (Hector) ... ... Cheers, coiners!! Hi
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