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Ptolemy VI Philometor. First reign, 180-164 BC
Æ Tetrobol, Alexandreia mint
Struck under Cleopatra I Thea as regent, 180-176 BC.
Av: Head of Cleopatra I as Isis
Rv: ΠTOΛEMAIOΥ BAΣIΛEΩΣ / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt with wings displayed; monogram to left.
Svoronos 1384; Weiser 147; SNG Copenhagen 286.

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B for Bonus Eventus


L. Scribonius Libo
Denarius, 62 BC, Rome
Obv.: BON EVENT LIBO, Head of Bonus Eventus right
Rev.: PVTEAL SCRIBON, Puteal Scribonianum (Scribonian well), decorated with garland and two lyres, anvil at base.
Ag, 18x19 mm, 3.93 g
Ref.: Cr. 416/1c; Syd. 928

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B for Bruttia Crispina


Bruttia Crispina
Augusta AD 178-182
AR Denarius
Obv.: CRISPINA AVGVSTA, Draped bust right
Rev.: CERES Ceres standing left, holding corn ears and torch
Ag, 2.84g, 16.8x18mm
Ref.: RIC 276, BMC Commodus 33, Kamp. 42.5, CRE 280 [S]

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B is for Basel:


Bishopric of Basel, probably under Heinrich I. von Horburg, “vierzipfliger Pfennig”, ca. 1180–1190 AD. Obv: thick cross with annulets in quadrants. Rev: wheel with six spokes (or: star/flower in circle). 17mm, 0.37g. Ref: HMZ - (see 1-203, uniface issue); Wielandt 49; Slg. Wüthrich 5; Lanz 29, no. 240 (Barbarossa-Fund).


Prince-Bishopric of Basel, under Johann II. Senn von Münsingen, Angster ("vierzipfliger Pfennig"), 1335–1365 AD. Obv: head of a bishop wearing mitre (three pellets at each side) left, between B-A, ring above. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 17–20mm, 0.33g. Ref: Wielandt: Basler Münzprägung (1971), no. 117; HMZ 255; Catalogue Wüthrich, no 31; Berger: Brakteaten (1993/6), no. 2415–1416.


Basel, City and Canton, AR "Rappen," 17th c. Obv: crosier ("Baselstab") in shield with three v-shaped ornaments; all in dotted border. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 17.5 mm, 0.27g. Ref: HMZ 2–89a.

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Constans, 337-350 AD. AE Follis (1.70 gm, 15mm). Antioch mint. Struck 337-347 AD.
Obv.: CONSTANS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev.: GLORIA EXERCITVS / SMANI, two soldiers standing facing each other, each holding inverted spear in his outer hand and placing his inner on shield set on ground; between them, signum. RIC 47. gVF.

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Constantine VII and Cute.

Constantine VII, Porphyrogenites, with Zoe, AD 913-959. Æ Follis (25mm, 6.39g, 6h). Constantinople mint. Struck AD 914-919. Obv: + COҺSTAҺT CЄ ZOH Ь; Crowned facing busts of Constantine, beardless and wearing loros, and Zoe, draped, each wearing crown topped with cross, holding patriarchal cross between them; Zoe’s crown with pendilia. Rev: + COҺS / TAҺTIҺO / CЄ ZOH ЬA / SILIS RO / MЄOҺ; in five lines across fields. Ref: DOC III 22; SB 1758. Good Very Fine, dark green patina, minor striking weakness at edges. Ex N Naumann Auction 85 2 Jan 2020), Lot 705. 


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Camarina Tetradrachm circa 415-400, AR 16.12 g. Fast quadriga driven l. by charioteer, holding reins; above, Nike flying r. to crown him. In exergue, heron flying l. Rev. KAMAPINAI – ON retrograde Bearded head of Heracles l., wearing lion's skin headdress. Westermark, Kamarina 138.15 (dieses Exemplar); BMC 9. HGC 520; Gulbenkian 172, SNG Lloyd 864 (dieses Exemplar).


Croton and Crab


Croton. Nomos circa 530-500, AR 7.63 g. Tripod, legs ending in lion paws, with three handles and two snake heads emerging from the bowl and two others from outer legs of the tripod; in r. field, crab. Rev. Same type incuse. McClean 1647. Historia Numorum Italy 2078.




Bruttium, Caulonia.
Drachm or 1/3 stater c. 500-480, AR 17mm, 2.39 g. KVΛ Apollo, diademed, walking r., holding laurel branch in upraised r. hand and small running daimon, holding long branch on outstretched l. arm; in r. field, stag r. on platform, with head reverted. Rev. The same type incuse. SNG ANS 163. Historia Numorum Italy 2039.



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C for Claudius


Pergamon, Mysia, AD 41-54
Ae 18
Rev.: CEBACTON / PERΓΑΜΕΝΟΙ, Statue of Augustus, holding spear, within tetrastyle temple.
AE, 6.01 g, 18 mm
Ref.: RPC 2370

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