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My personal favorite Tetradrachm of my collection


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Hi all,

Not sure if this is properly how to post something from your collection.. so please delete it or let me know where I should do this instead.

I'd like to share my personal favourite tet from my collection. King Perseus of Macedon 

Perseus is an interesting character for sure. He very much tried to embody the warrior king spirit in the vein of his predecessors and of course, Alexander, but the Roman war machine was all too powerful at that point. Hot off the heels of defeating Carthage and sights on the whole of the Mediterranean, Perseus would be nothing but a little road bump in their domination.

Currently my favourite tetradrachm of my collection, I really love the fierce portrait, toning and some hints of iridescent colour on this guy. It's a great size and struck under the master engraver Zoilos!
diademed head right, rev., ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΕΡΣΕΩΣ, eagle standing right on thunderbolt with three monograms in the field and all within oak wreath; below, plough, 17.00g, die axis 11.00





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12 minutes ago, Furryfrog02 said:

Wow! I've not been collecting nearly as long as most of the people here but I've never seen this style. I really like it!
Thanks for sharing!

I think its one of the coolest Hellenistic portraits 

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Posted · Supporter

AMAZING Perseus! Highly desirable, top notch artistry, and oooh baby that toning is sweet!

Perseus was not his father. I believe Philip V to be the last "great" king of Makedon. His son, Perseus, was the end of the INCREDIBLE Antigonid line, but frustratingly floundered where he used to thrive. That said, Perseus WAS the last true king of Makedon. Yours is an already incredible artistic representation of what was possible during the Hellenistic era, but also slaps of historocity.

Though, as you pointed out, with the invincible oncoming force of the Romans, what chance did he have?

Ironically enough, one of, if not, my very favorite tets happens to be Philip V, but has Perseus, Philip's favorite semi-diety, whom he named his son after. And this inside of my very favorite symbols in all of ancient history, The Macedonian Shield:


Philip V (221-179 BC). Tetradrachm. Uncertain Macedonian mint.

Obv: Head of Perseus left, wearing winged helmet surmounted by griffin's head; harpa in background; all in the centre of Macedonian shield.


Club right between legend in two lines; all within wreath right.

SNG München 1125; HGC 3.1, 1056.

Condition: Fine.

Weight: 16.91 g.

Diameter: 30 mm. Purchased from Numismatik Naumann November 2021

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A  F. de Luca has done a die study of Antigonid coins in the Greek Numismatical museum. On academia.edu

F. De Luca, The tetradrachms of Perseus of Macedonia, Italian and English text, Associazione culturale Italia Numismatica, Editrice Diana, 2021

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