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  1. Under/overstrikes have figured large in the contentious but bloody interesting story of the chronology of the Athens NewStyles, mainly by leading it astray! There once was a Aesillas overstruck on a NewStyle of Dhmeas/Kallikratidhs issue featuring Isis as symbol. Now Margaret Thompson did not believe in NewStyles issued after L.Cornelius "Lucky" Sulla inspected the walls around Piraeus and Athens and found they breached planning permissions and knocked them down! The Aesillas coinage was thought by her to be minted between 93 and 88 BC (NSSCA) and the Isiac NewStyle coin 107/6 BC which gives time for the overstriking to occur and supports her contention that post Sullan NewStyles didn't happen. Here was proof...incontrovertible! But many thought that NewStyles did re-occur after Sulla knocked on the door in March 87 BC and the NewStyle coin should be dated to c 75BC. Whilst nothing conclusive one way or the other it seemed there was something not quite right. Eventually Bauslaugh examined the Aesillas coinage and concluded it was an intermittent coinage minted about 95 BC to c 70/65 BC which nowadays shows that the modern general dating of the NewStyles should be the basis for dating the mixed hoards they appear in...... Recently, The early catalogue NewStyles in the Gazintep Hoard and Demetrios l Hoard satisfy the Seleucid dated coins of the Low Chronology and according to Meadows the internal NewStyle chronology is satisfied. Meanwhile, a Thrakon type, similar to Thasos was overstruck on a NewStyle of symbol Griffin which on the Low chronology is 88/7 BC. DeCallatay says this re-dates the Thrakon series some 20 years earlier than thought and has nothing to do with the 1st Mithradatic war.
  2. OVERSTRUCK GREEK COINS by DAVID MacDONALD forward by Harlan J Berk, Whitman Publishing 2009
  3. Stacks, particularly caught my eye. Corinth and Akrania....spelt wrongly in the title! But a quick search on biddr with pegasi shows how many are for sale!
  4. There are shed loads of Pegasus Arkarnia and Corinth mint coins on the market. Where would the hoards come from? Local to Corinth and their colonies? I take it that the coins are found together and that the coins were free to circulate between the various symmatic colonies. I guess the hoard is from continental Greece? Anyone know anything and can add detail.. Just interesting
  5. Look at the number of Danubian Celts stuff, and Thasos , Maronia stuff...all indicative of Balkans hoards. Lack of NewStyles worrying, but made up with Macedonia first meris.
  6. Aspendos was a great producer of coins.
  7. As anyone clocked the huge amount of seemingly hoard(s) contents for sale on Leu? Lots of Danubian stuff, ATG's tetradrachms, countermarked Aspendos wrestlers, Aspendos Nike tetradrachms, more Tigranes II tets, but NewStyles barely represented. Large lots of "from before 2005 and "from a European collection", but what kind of collection it could be defeats me...more like the collection of an unrestrained Kleptomaniac! Not much 5* stuff though which disappoints I guess Switzerland is not too hot on provenance issues! Anything take anyone's fancy?
  8. I had a long deep think about it.
  9. Just shows you how the very common mass classic owl is very popular. It's a good job hoards are found regularly to satisfy the apparent insatiable thirst! I wonder what else was burgled?
  10. From 2021 Hi, Some 30 months ago I enquired about the Athens New Styles in a hoard displayed in the Archaeological Museum Villa Frigerj Chieti. I was told that a scholar was already working on the hoard, but my researches have shown that no such publication has occurred or is likely to occur since the main portion of the hoard is easy to identify, log and publish using a minimum of resources openly available. I would be able to do this in a matter of weeks and now I am retired will do this if you supply the photographs of both sides of the Athenian New Styles and Sullan types I shall start right away. It is time for now for this to happen and at no cost to you just a little time. Grazie
  11. From 2018 Our offices want this procedure to be respected in order to have a record of all the images we gave to study/ to publish. You should specify in your mail (or scanned letter) in english the theme of your study, the object of your request (you wish all the photos of all the amphora coins from this hoard?), and your aim (publication on a web site for free). We will then provide, with an official answer, to upload the photos on a folder on google drive. Valentina Belfiore You get the picture........except you never will!
  12. I have had contact several years ago but they played my for a fool, passed on to one person onto another with non functioning e-mail details. Various permissions needed etc, until you know they have no real interest! All it would take is someone with a camera, and voila and I'm only talking about the NewStyles! It's not rocket science...it's as difficult as they want to make it. Same as with the British Museum and its thefts by a curator and covered up by senior management. If it wasn't for an antiquities dealer spotting stuff on e-bay we would never know. The BM management ignored the dealers warnings and eventually did their own investigations !!!. You know what that means. Anyway the ex curator is keeping schtum and it seems the police cannot investigate it no more cos a lot of the stuff wasn't logged.registered and the top BM staff guy was an old Tory minister that got the job cos he was the right kind of guy and it would be embarrassing! Maybe we might hear of it again, maybe not....shush its a secret...reminds me of the Stonecutters episode of the Simpsons. No doubt it's sub judice which is stronger than the security of MI5/6! I will give it another go with the Italians! Did a quick internet search of Campanella/Coins etc and found nothing!
  13. I echo Donna, I hope they have photographed and catalogued the individual coins and published them., Unlike the Museo Archaeolgica Chieti in Abruzzi where their portion of the Abruzzi Hoard IGCH 2056 still lies essentially unpublished after only 70 years. It can only be deliberate laziness or worse on their part. It was once exhibitioned by Campanella but the internet doesn't seem to work in Abruzzi and I cannot find any details, oh well! The image is quite possibly from the exhibition and tantalisingly the object of my desires is , I think, just out of reach...bottom right. Will I never know?
  14. I think anyone who tackles AE's deserves a medal! Hence silver and large flans, not even hemidrachms or drachms! But looking on Asia Minor coins I see even gold Mithradatic staters get the wrong mint! I believe Mithradates didn't take Pergamon till 88 BC and was kicked out by Fimbria 85 BC, probably May time but a stater dated 223 = 74 BC is said to be Pergamon mint! That is impossible! I see this a lot in Mithradatic coins, Pergamon this Pergamon that! He only just escaped capture by Fimbria in 85BC thanks to his pirate buddies. The other one in asia Minor coins year 4 is probably correct, but would be is last issue as king at Pergamon.
  15. Collecting is a bit naff without researching. My journey, "from coin collecting to numismatist!" poorly written by me years ago on academia,edu. Sample below. Collecting coins can be a drug but I am not an addictive personality: the soul-less activity of “yet another one” has an empty ring about it. The fact there was a brilliant book, “The New Style silver coinage of Athens”, Margaret Thompson, ANS 10 1961, that described a single series of many coin issues: add the large attractive spread flans with differing monograms, names and symbols naturally attracted me to the beautiful Athenian New Style tetradrachm.
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