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Nicomedia --> Apollonia-Mordiaeum

(Wow, a lot of "A" mints also end in "a"... I guess this one could end in "a" or "m", depending.)


Pisidia, Apollonia-Mordiaeum AE Großbronze (Tetrassarion [?], 29mm, 16.34g, 6h), alliance issue w/ Koinon of Lycia, temp. Caracalla or Septimius Severus, c. 193-217 CE.
Obv: ΑΛΕΞΑ ΚΤΙΣ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΑΤΩΝ. Head of Alexander the Great in lionskin right – the founder of the city.
Rev: ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΑΤ ΚΑΙ ΛΥΚΙΩΝ ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ. Tyches of Apollonia & Lycia clasping hands.

Ref: Mabbott 2045 = von Aulock Pisidiens II 29 (this coin).
Prov: Ex Thomas Ollive Mabbott (1898-1968) Collection, Part I, H. Schulman (6 Jun 1969), lot 2045 [Catalog Online LINK]; ex Morris / Phil Peck Collection, Part IV, Heritage 61160 (10 May 2020), lot 97068; ex CNG 543 (2 Aug 2023), 319 (cat. by T.M.); ex NGC 4884253-014 (removed, w/ tag).

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 Apollonia-Mordiaeum > Mopsouestia-Mopso



Faustina II
Cilicia, Mopsouestia-Mopso
Obv.: ΦΑΥϹΤƐΙΝΑ ϹƐΒΑϹΤΗ, draped bust of Faustina II, r.
Rev: Α[Δ]ΡΙΑΝωΝ ΜΟΨЄΑΤωΝ / ЄT - AΛC Male figure standing left (Mopsos in the guise of Apollo?), wearing toga, holding laurel wreath
AE, 29 mm, 17.60g, 1 h
Ref.: RPC online IV.3 10293. SNG Levante 133. SNG Paris 1978.

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EGYPT, Arsinoite Nome. Alexandria. Hadrian, 117-138. Obol (Bronze, 19 mm, 5.21 g, 12 h), year ΙΑ = 11 = 126/7. ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ - ΤΡΑΙ ΑΔΡΙΑ CЄΒ Laureate head of Hadrian to right, slight drapery on his far shoulder. Rev. ΑΡCI - L ΙΑ Head of the Pharaoh Premarres (= Amenemhet III of the 12th Dynasty, 1831-1786 BCE) to right, wearing the nemes head cloth and the uraeus serpent. BMC N73. RPC III 6296. Attractive and clear with a brown patina. Minor deposits. Good very fine

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Hadrat → Thessalonika

RPC Volume: I №: 1568
Reign: Tiberius Persons: Tiberius (Augustus)
City: Thessalonica  Region: Macedonia Province: Macedonia
Denomination: Leaded bronze (22 mm) Average weight: 9.26 g.
Obverse: ΤΙ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; laureate head of Tiberius, right
Reverse: ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΕΩΝ; bust of Livia, right
Reference: Touratsoglou, Tiberius 1–32 (c. 14–20/23) Specimens: 46


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Actually "Hadrat"= Dehli term for Mint/ Mint City= Dataluabad🙂

Thessalonika-Akka (Acre)

Kingdom of Jerusalem

AV Bezant ND (imitation of Fatimid AV Dinar al-Amir type)

Akka Mint

Baldwin III of Jerusalem 1143-63


Just got this from Hornung/ MA-shops


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Baldwin III:


Kingdom of Jerusalem, Baldwin III, BI Denier, 1142–1163 AD, Jerusalem mint. Obv: BALDVINVS REX; cross pattée. Rev: + DE IERVSALEM; Tower of David. 16mm, 0.97g. Ref: CCS 21.

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THRACO-MACEDONIAN REGION, Uncertain. 5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (6mm, 0.25 g). Primate crouching left / Pellet or shield within incuse square with slightly rounded corners. Tzamalis 67. Toned, patches of find patina, some granularity. VF. Rare. From the Jim Gilman Collection, purchased from John Jencek, 7 August 2009

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Macedon → Nicomedia

Constantius II AE follis. D N CONSTAN-TIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust left, globe in hand / FEL TEMP-REPARATIO, Emperor, bare-headed and in military dress standing, holding standard with chi-rho on banner in his right hand, resting left hand on shield, two bound captives wearing Phrygian helmets kneeling, leaning to the left before him, star in left field. Mintmark SMNS
21mm, 3.62gr. RIC Nicomedia 71


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Nicomedia - Arpi

Arpi, Apulia

325-275 BC
AE20 (20mm, 7.07g)
O: Laureate head of Zeus left; [thunderbolt] behind.
R: Kalydonian boar running right; spearhead above, [Α]ΡΠΑΝ[ΟΥ] below.
SNG ANS 639; SNG Cop 605; HN Italy 642; Sear 569; BMC 1, 4
ex Andre C



Edited by Phil Anthos
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First half of the second century
Obv.: ΙΕΡΑ ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟϹ, draped bust of Senate, r.
Rev.: ΙΕΡΟΚΑΙϹΑΡΕΩΝ, Artemis in short chiton standing l. beside stag looking up to her, on whose neck she places her r. hand, holding bow in l.
AE, 16mm, 2.80g, 6h
RPC III, 1865


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Julian II 'The Philosopher' (as Augustus)

361-363 AD
AE3 (19.8mm, 3.12g)
O: Diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust left, holding shield and spear; DN FL CL JVLIANVS AVG.
R: VOT X MVLT XX in four lines within wreath; NIK[A] below.
Nicomedia mint, officina A.
RIC VIII Nicomedia, 123; ERIC II Julian 422; Elmer 132; Sear 4074v
Some smoothing, re-patinated.
ex Nemesis Ancients


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Nicomedia → Asia

Volume: I №: 3062
Reign: Claudius Persons: Claudius (Augustus) Magistrate: Artemas, son of Demetrios (stephanephoros)
City: Cadi  Region: Phrygia Province: Asia (conventus of Sardis)
Denomination: Brass AE 20
Obverse: ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ; laureate head of Claudius, right
Reverse: ΕΠΙ ΑΡΤΕΜΑ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ ΚΑΔΟΗΝΩΝ, ϹΤΕΦΑΝ; Zeus standing, left, with eagle and sceptre. ΡTΛΩ monogram in left field.
Specimens: 33
RPC I 3062; SNG Copenhagen 246-7; SNG von Aulock 3685; BMC 18-19.
Weight: 5.35 g.
Diameter: 19 mm.


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Asia - Akragas 

Akragas, Sicily

275-240 BC
AE22 (21.8mm, 6.945g, 315o)
O: Laureate head of Zeus Hellanios right; symbols before and behind.
R: Two eagles standing left, devouring hare upon which they stand, nearer head up and wings closed, farther head down and wings open, caduceus above wings.
HGC 2, 159; Calciati p. 212, 125; SNG ANS 1128; Sear 1030; BMC 2, 131
ex Forvm Ancient Coins


Edited by Phil Anthos
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Akragas → Salamis mint

Alexander III of Macedon, AE15. Salamis Mint, Cyprus, struck c. 323 - 315 BC, Facing gorgon with lolling tongue at center of ornamented Macedonian shield with alternate 5 pellets and double crescents. / B-A to left and right of Macedonian helmet, caduceus below left. Price 3158


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Salamis - Soloi

Soloi, Cilicia

Circa 100-66 BC
Æ19 (19mm, 5.02g)
O: Turreted, veiled, and draped bust of Tyche right.
R: Filleted piloi of the Dioskouroi; stars above, ΣOΛEΩN and EΠ below.
SNG France 1206v (monogram); cf SNG Levante 866; Sear 5624v (monogram)
ex Gac Antiquity


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Sicily. Syracuse. Dionysos I (406-367 BC). AE Hemilitron. Obv. Head of Arethusa left, wearing necklace, hair bound in ampyx and sphendone; olive leaves behind. Rev. Dolphin swimming right; Σ Y P A and cockle shell below. CNS II 24/1-7; HGC 2 1480. AE. 2.58 g. 16.00 mm. Good VF. Purchased from Artemide Aste

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I'm going to tag this one onto 'Syracuse'...

Eion, Macedonia

500-437 BC
AR Trihemiobol (12mm, 0.92g)
O: Goose standing right, head turned back; lizard and H above, all within dotted border.
R: Quadripartite incuse square.
cf SNG ANS 276; Sear 1295v (lizard)
ex Antike & Klassische Numismatik


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