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Game: what vehicle would each emperor be?


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(I wish we had a Games forum).

An annoying day gave me the idea for a fun game.  What vehicle would embody a particular emperor?

I had mentioned that the sound of the angry horn and clashing gears of the 'Duel' semi perfectly fit my mood (minus the active mayhem part), after having a bad day and coming home to a broken coin, I thought to myself, "Man, if Justinian II were a vehicle, it would be this. " The truck, as it is now, is driving at 8:03.  It sounds exactly the same as it did then!  The collector even stunt-drives it. 

That 1946 Peterbilt is so Justinian II (second reign).  By the way, Justinian II (not the first) won the title of #1 emperor on the Roman history podcast,Totalus Rankium, beating out the mighty Aurelian.

Augustus might be a Rolls Royce, or something of the sort, etc.

Who would be represented by a sports car?  Who would be a Prius? 

What would Caligula be?  How about Hadrian?

Would Romulus Augustus be a Reliant Robin?





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