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Hold your horses on December 15th


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The second of two annual festivals of Consualia occur on or about this day

It was the custom of ancient Romans to give their equines the day off so I chose today to post my Gallienus bronze with it’s leisurely grazing horse on the reverse.





Feel free to post your horses, donkeys, and mules.





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Not just a horse, but a flying horse! He obviously deserved a break from his labors on the 15th of December.

Type: AE antoninianus Rome mint, A.D. 267-268

Obverse: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate bust right

Reverse: SOLI CONS AVG, Pegasus springing right

Reference: RIC V 282 Originally posted on CoinTalk



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I am only half a horse. But can I have the day off too?

Gallienus AE Antoninianus. Sole reign 260-268AD.
GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right / APOLLINI CONS AVG, Centaur walking left, holding globe and trophy. Mintmark H in exergue. RIC 164a, Cohen 74, RSC 74. Sear 10177


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3 hours ago, LONGINUS said:

Feel free to post your horses, donkeys, and mules.

One from Kyme:


Aiolis, Kyme
AE 19
Phytas(?), magistrate
Obv.: Head of the Amazon Kyme right, wearing taenia
Rev.: Horse advancing right; KY above, jug below raised leg; ΠΥΘΙΩΝ magistrate in ex
AE, 19 mm, 7.36g
Ref.: SNG LEWIS 0876

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Great coin and thread idea DR!

Here's one of my most artistic renderings of a horse by Rome's greatest rival and the obverse is lost to time!


CARTHAGE. Circa 300 BC. AR Three-quarter Shekel(?) (18mm, 2.80 g,). Carthage mint. Wreathed head of Tanit left / Horse standing right, head left; Punic ‘ayin below. MAA 37 variante; CNP 102a; SNG Copenhagen 143. Obverse eroded. Rare, only five in CoinArchives

And a few more pretty horses:



And some bad horses. Get off of those shields!


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Celtic. Central Gaul. Sequani. Circa 50-30 BC. Potin Unit (20mm, 5.11 g, 3h). Obv: Diademed head left. Rev: Horned horse left, with S-shaped tail. Ref: Depeyrot, NC IV, 261; D&T 3087; CCCBM III S349. Good Very Fine. Brown patina, a couple of light scratches. From the Miami Collection. Ex Liz’s List 64 (April 2013), Lot 4, with ticket marked at 120 GBP. Ex CNG eAuction 515 (4 May 2022), Lot 325. 


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