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  1. I wonder if Lugdunum made all the denarii for Tiberius. That mint seemed to have a lot of different engravers seeing the variety of portraits. A lot of wonderful coins. I can't say tribute pennies are the nicest art pieces of Rome but they sure are varied and cool
  2. Very nice Severus Alexander. The engravers at this time period were really top notch I noticed. The Severans have really great portrait quality vs the Flavian Dynasty which was all other the place. I still can't find a decent portrait of Vespasian on a denarius. Idk if it's the high silver content or they were too mad about taxes to make Vespasian look less constipated.
  3. Lugdunum made some really nice Nero portraits as well. @John Conduitt Yours is great and your Tiberius doesn't look as old as mine @Edessa Wonderful piece, I like the golden tone @Postvmvs I'm a sucker for imitations too, especially wild ones of Tetricus and Tetricus II very common but some are like abstract art @Severus Alexander Wow that Indian imitation is quite close to the original! @AETHER not a bad budget piece
  4. A common, yet moderately expensive coin. This was a hard choice to make. I think i got a decent one. Many of the portraits on the tribute penny look like Augustus. I bought this one because it's very distinctly Tiberius. It has a lot of personality, but Tiberius wasn't exactly good looking. Post your tribute penny.
  5. Color and toning on ancients is nice. Here are a few. My favorite is my Julia Domna Hilaritas with rainbow toning. The Faustina with Juno has golden toning which is cool. My Vespasian denarius has dark cabinet toning. The Gordian III Antoniannius is pretty colorful.
  6. This is a great field. Sassanian art is unappreciated. Here is Ardashir I the first Sassanian ruler and Shapur I, Rome's worst nightmare. These two are my favorite rulers. There are like 40ish Sassanian rulers, most common is Khosrow I, Khosrow II, Peroz I, and Hormizid IV.
  7. Wonderful portrait! Mine is kinda ugly but it has a worn circ cameo kinda which makes up for it.
  8. Hey I was looking into buying this. It appears to be a Roman provincial medallion. The diameter is 27mm and the weight is not listed. I think it's from the Nerva- Antonine period but perhaps later. Will appreciate the help identifying this piece.
  9. This indo Greek coin of Menander I was an impulse buy it was relatively inexpensive and really beautiful. I like the Bhuddist wheel on the reverse or it could just be dangling clothes. The heroic bust type is also neat. It was inspired by the Heroic bust of Eukradites. Bactria seems like a very interesting field to enter but my wallet doesn't agree lol.
  10. 3 flea market buys I paid $25 for 3 coins the Carthage horse is especially stunning. The Cimmerian Bosporus coin is pretty neat and the Syracuse bronze is common but is in around Fine shape I seen a lot worse. My best eBay find was this Lucius Verus Sestertius for $20. It was unidentified. It is an Armenia Capta coin!
  11. Beautiful Trajan. My favorite Trajan coin features the bridge over the Danube
  12. Ah the size to me is the biggest appeal. These are some of the largest coins in antiquity. I prefer to collect Roman Egypt coins for the variety of designs. These Zeus Greek Egypt coins are cool too but I don't think I want more unless I upgrade this one to a bigger size. I assume the smaller denominations of Ptolemic bronzes like diobol don't fetch high prices unless the condition is exceptional, my first ptolemy coin bronze was very cheap and small. I haven't really found a focus area of ancient collecting but I have always loved big bronzes. A Flavian Sestertius in good shape is next on my radar.
  13. I did spot a few super large ones on eBay but the prices are woof around $800 to a grand. The largest are called octobols. They are unfortunately out of my budget as much as I would like one. I think I'm happy with the example I have. idk if I can afford a bigger one.
  14. Hi I have a question on Ptolemaic bronzes. Generally does pricing depend on weight and size aside for condition. I am not familiar with the market. I paid $92 for this tetrobol of Ptolemy III. It isn't the biggest weight but it is 47 grams and it is in ok shape nothing too nice nor terrible either. The surface is a tad grainy. How much do generally the biggest Ptolemaic Egypt coins cost?
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