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Most beautifull coin ever made....too nice to spend


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16 hours ago, panzerman said:

Castille & Leon

AV 50 Enriques ND

Segovia Mint

Enrique IV 1454-74


198g.    79mm,    .999


I would line up at the mint for 24 hrs to purchase a fresh MS one!


Breathtaking 😮! Let's be honest, this isn't a coin, with a weight of 6.36 oz. it is a medallion with the weight of 50 Enriques 😏.

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Segovia was the mint that struck the "creme de la creme" of Spanish coins. The Felipe III/ IV AV 100 escudos/ AR 50 Reales/ Joanna & Charles V AV 100/ 50 Ducatos......all stuff only collectors like the "tyrant" can afford/ all 10M+ euros coins (except for AR 50 Reales) I have never seen even a 50 execelentes come up to auction. I can understand/ if I owned any/ they would NEVER be sold. The only negative aspect in numismatics is the realization that you can NEVER afford in your wildest dreams to own these magnificent works of coin artistry🙄maybe when you go to heaven.....


Note: the Tauler & Fau Book on Spanish Medieval gold coins has plates of all the known gold 1000-1454 AD/

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3 hours ago, Valentinian said:

@panzerman, is that coin yours? 

I wish! Its probably worth more then my entire collection. I have never seen any of the Spanish mega gold coins. The Adams Coll. had none/ neither the Tyrant or Norweb/ or Farouk coll. My gut says they are all in Spanish National Collection. There were also 50/ 20/ 10 Doblas struck for Pedro IV "el Cruel" and Enrique IV.

I wonder how these large coins were struck. Way before machine made milled coinage.

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Impressive coin - the best thing about Segovia is the aqueduct, though!

From 2002, taken with a fairly early Fuji digital camera.


A cloudy day in 2006 (slightly better Canon):


I haven't been back since!


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Here is the book/ on front cover AV 50 Doblas/ King on horse/ 230g.   85mm./ one could have done a whole lot of Christmas shopping with such a coin. Could you just imagine todays leaders/ leading the troops like Enrique IV of Aragon vs the Moors? Putin surely  would not!!!!!


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On 12/13/2023 at 4:17 PM, panzerman said:

I would line up at the mint for 24 hrs to purchase a fresh MS one

It wasn't that long ago (geologically speaking,  aka 19th century) that you could take your gold bar  to the Paris or London mint  and demand it  be turned into equivalent coinage for a fairly small 0.216% fee in France or 0.25% in London.





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