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  1. akeady

    RIP Roma?

    The trays arrived - 14 24-place Abafil trays. Well packed by Pack & Send - postage expensive, but just about cheaper than taking a day off and flying over to pick them up. I sent them a message to wish them best of luck. Any coin I put in these will instantly acquire a good provenance πŸ˜„ ATB, Aidan.
  2. OK - Alvarez-Burgos has little information about the issuing cities. Heiss has. It got a great review in the Numismatic Chronicle of 1871! - https://www.jstor.org/stable/42682577. Here's an example - someone a couple of weeks ago wanted a reference to some coins of Malaca depicting Vulcan so I took these photos. I have a Forni reprint and it wasn't expensive. Maybe it's even available for download. ATB, Aidan.
  3. These two Augustus denarii are my best examples of this. No prizes for guessing which sides stay up in the tray πŸ˜ƒ ATB, Aidan.
  4. I have these - it's an old photo' from 2020 on CoinTalk - I'll look tonight to refresh my memory on what's in them. Heiss is in French and very old, but interesting. Alvarez-Burgos is in Spanish has little line drawings of the coins, but covers a lot. Villaronga gets referenced a good bit, but you'll see Alvarez-Burgos too. ATB, Aidan.
  5. akeady

    RIP Roma?

    The last things I got from Roma are two lots of 7 Abafil trays. They were picked up by Pack & Post during the week and should arrive to me soon. I was the underbidder on a nice-looking cabinet there and they had quite a few unsold Beba trays at the end. The place will probably be quite empty by now! A pity, Aidan.
  6. Yes - https://spinkbooks.com/products/a-handbook-of-late-roman-bronze-coin-types-324-395?_pos=2&_sid=fed3e91bc&_ss=r ATB, Aidan.
  7. This is voting, but on guilt or innocence rather than election for office. Gens: Cassia Moneyer: Q. Cassius Longinus Coin: Silver Denarius LIBERT / Q. CASSIVS - Head of Libertas right - Curule chair within temple of Vesta; urn to left, voting tablet inscribed AC (Absolvo Condemno) to right Mint: Rome (55 BC) Wt./Size/Axis: 3.52g / 19mm / 2h References: RSC 8 (Cassia) Sydenham 918 Crawford 428/2 Acquisition: Roma Numismatics Online Auction Auction IX #544 22-Mar-2015 ATB, Aidan.
  8. OK - a few gratuitous Athens pics.
  9. Hi, I was there yesterday and unfortunately there's no sign of that coin. There were three pr four display cases of the Empedocles Collection, but I didn't see that. Here's what I saw of that collection (unsure of fourth photo' was of Empedocles Collection, probably not): Athens great, need to return soon (35 years between this visit and previous one!) Aidan.
  10. I'm going to see Dr. John Cooper Clarke next week πŸ™‚ Maybe the Muse of Lyric Poetry is suitable? Gens: Pomponia Moneyer: Q. Pomponius Musa Coin: Silver Denarius - Laureate head of Apollo right, two crossed flutes behind Q. POMPONI / MVSA - Euterpe, Muse of Lyric Poetry, standing right, supporting chin with arm resting on colunmn to right and holding two tibiae Mint: Rome (66 BC) Wt./Size/Axis: 3.82g / 19mm / 7h References: RSC 13 (Pomponia) Sydenham 815 Crawford 410/5 Provenances: Ex. Andrew McCabe Collection Ex. Art Coins Roma Auction 3, 31-May-2011, lot 215 Acquisition: Roma Numismatics Online Auction E-Sale 18 #810 27-Jun-2015 ATB, Aidan.
  11. No - I threw in six proxy bids a long time ago and when I checked, one hammered at my bid, but I don't seem to have won it and one more at one bid above mine and that's it 😞 Anyway, I've spent a lot on non-coin things recently and a couple more trips coming up, so maybe for the best - though I'd have liked all of them πŸ˜„ Congrats on your haul! ATB, Aidan.
  12. There's a statue on the reverse of this denarius. Gens: Marcia Moneyer: L. Marcius Philippus Coin: Silver Denarius ANCVS - Diademed head of Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind PHILIPPVS - Equestrian statue right on an arcade of five arches within which A Q V A MAR; flower below horse Mint: Rome (56 BC) Wt./Size/Axis: 4.01g / 18.3mm / 0h References: RSC 28 (Marcia) Sydenham 919 Crawford 425/1 RBW 1524 Acquisition: Naville Numismatics Online Auction NN Live 43 #397 23-Sep-2018 Next - someone on horseback
  13. They're soft - somewhat like the stuff used in flower arranging. You'd damage them if you bounced off the walls πŸ˜„ It's an impressive room which is also a Faraday Cage, so no 'phone reception or other radio reception inside. I was assured that the door opens from the inside and it did πŸ˜„ ATB, Aidan.
  14. Here are a few Brutus coins not already shown. Cr. 500/7 denarius: Cr. 506/3 denarius: This is often claimed to depict Brutus - Cr. 515/2 (corroded fourrΓ©e, but obverse isn't too bad!): Here's one of the "other Brutus", Decimus Brutus, a relation of Marcus Junius Brutus and a co-conspirator and favourite of Caesar - Decimus even convinced Caesar to attend the Senate on the fateful Ides of March. Cr. 450/1: ATB, Aidan.
  15. I was in an anechoic chamber a while back, testing our MEMS microphone ADC. Fun day πŸ˜„ ATB, Aidan.
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