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I love Roma!  Some nice coins once again. Of course, no NewStyles...I think I've got them all!

But the thing I want to mention is the coins from the Troas. A nice amount of tetradrachms from Abydos  and Tenedos. I have noticed these coins have appeared in auctions recently and together.  I wonder if there has been a find of a mixed hoard  and it's been leaking onto the market.

The Mithradatic wars are, I think, the reason for these issues........good ol' Mithradates.

Also a few Antiochia on the Meander from Karia too.


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4 minutes ago, NewStyleKing said:

I wonder if there has been a find of a mixed hoard  and it's been leaking onto the market.

Well, you know what they say about Roma and "leaking things into the market"....  

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4 hours ago, El Cazador said:

Unfortunately in the last few Roma auctions material is sub-par

I suppose that depends on what you're looking for.  Of course there is the usual large number of standardized classical owls to choose from.  This has been going on for some time now and I wonder how long this trend will continue with Roma.  Nothing lasts forever.

In may case, looking for the strange and offbeat coins that are mostly imitations, I was able to snag a few Lihyan Kingdom AE "tetradrachms" at fairly reasonable hammer prices.  I just love their abstract style.

As for the upcoming E-Sale, I really don't see anything that catches my eye within the scope of interest.

Here are two:

Northwestern Arabia, Lihyan Kingdom,  2 AE "tetradrachms", 2nd-1st centuries BC.

Huth 40 - Huth, Athenian, fig. 5, e.

13.45 grams (l); 12.45 grams (r).


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I have won around 45 coins from Roma/ all were sent in their nice little boxes/ sometimes in inserted into large ornate box. The coins always arrive safe and beautifull/ so far no customs fees😀 Their catalogues are supberb also. Leu is also very good for ancients.

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There are plenty of rare and important coins in Auction XXIX. For example, these two unbelivable rarities of Zeno's reign.


Lot 524 Zeno AV Solidus.


Lot 525 Zeno AV Solidus.






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