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Valerian II AR Antoninianus ND 257.8AD


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Picked up this from French dealer (Odysseus) MA-shops...

This is the best ex. I have ever come across.

Imperial Rome

Publius Licinius Cornelius Valerianus II 256-58AD

AR Ant. ND struck circa 257/8AD

Colonia Agrippinensis Mint

22.4mm.    2.82g.     .030      12h


Radiant/ Draped Bust Left


Young Jupiter riding Amalthean Goat

Please post your Valerian II coins.



valerien-ii-antoninien-3 (1).jpg

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An excellent goat!  The coin is certainly in much better condition than my example:

Valerian II Caesar (son of Gallienus), Billon Antoninianus,  257-258 AD, Cologne Mint. Obv. Radiate draped bust right, VALERIANVS CAES/ Rev. Infant Jupiter seated right on goat Amalthea walking right, looking left, with right hand raised, left hand holding goat's horn, IOVI CRESCENTI. RIC V-1 3, RSC IV 26, Sear RCV III 10731 (ill.).  22 mm., 3.70 g.  (Ex col. Frans Pouwel, Netherlands, collected since the ‘80’s.)


I like Odysseus Numismatique as a dealer. Here are my two favorites among the several coins I've bought from them:

Trajan, AE Drachm, Year 15 (111/112 AD), Alexandria, Egypt Mint. Obv. Laureate bust right, nude and with aegis on left shoulder, ΑΥΤ ΤΡΑΙΑΝ ϹЄΒ ΓЄΡΜ ΔΑΚΙΚ / Rev. Emperor (Trajan), laureate and togate, standing in elephant quadriga, right. holding eagle-tipped sceptre and branch; first three elephants with trunks turned down at end and fourth elephant with trunk turned up; in exergue, L IƐ (Year 15).  RPC [Roman Provincial Coinage] Vol. III 4605.4 (2015); RPC Online at https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/3/4605.4 ; Emmett 462.15 [Emmett, Keith, Alexandrian Coins (Lodi, WI, 2001)]; Dattari (Savio) 769 [Savio, A. ed., Catalogo completo della collezione Dattari Numi Augg. Alexandrini (Trieste, 2007)]; BMC 16 Alexandria 512 [Poole, Reginald Stuart, A Catalog of the Greek Coins in the British Museum, Vol. 16, Alexandria (London, 1892)]; Milne 669 at p. 19 [Milne, J.G., Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins (Oxford 1933, reprint with supplement by Colin M. Kraay, 1971)]. 33.5 mm., 21.26 g. Purchased from Odysseus Numismatique, Montpellier, France, June 2021.


Valentinian I, AV Solidus, 365 AD [Sear, Depeyrot] (reigned 364-375 AD), Antioch Mint, 3rd Officina. Obv. Rosette-diademed (with square & round rosettes separated by ovoid pearls), draped, & cuirassed bust right, D N VALENTINI-ANVS P F AVG [Dominus Noster Valentinianus Pius Felix Augustus] / Rev. Valentinian, in military attire, standing facing, head right, holding labarum or vexillum ornamented with “T” [probably a Greek Tau cross] in right hand* and, in outstretched left hand, Victory standing left on globe, holding up crowning wreath towards emperor, RESTITVTOR – REIPVBLICAE around; in exergue, ANTΓ [Antioch Mint, 3rd Officina**].  RIC IX (1951) Antioch 2b (var. unlisted) ***; Sear RCV V 19267 at p. 294 (rosette-diademed, with no cross in the reverse left field, no stars or dots in the reverse exergue, and known from Officina 3, as well as Officina 10) (citing Depeyrot); Depeyrot II Antioch 23/1 Valentinian I (p. 281) (examples with this mint-mark, without stars or dots, & monogrammed cross in labarum rather than Chi-Ro, known from Officinas 3 & 10) (citing 1966 sale of this coin as the one example from 3rd Officina, with one other from 10th Officina) [Depeyrot, George., Les Monnaies d'Or de Constantin II à Zenon (337-491) (Wetteren 1996)]. 21.2 mm., 4.44 g. Purchased from Odysseus Numismatique [Julien Cougnard], Montpellier, France, Feb. 2022, “from an old Parisian collection”; ex Maison Vinchon Auction Sale, Mon. 25 April 1966, Hotel Drouot, Paris, Lot 257 (sold for 780 French francs, = $159.16 in 1966 U.S. dollars). [Footnotes omitted.]



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Fresh out of the mint!

Mine's a little worn but it had to get to Britain first before it could get into my collection 🤣

Valerian II Antoninianus, 255
Colonia Agrippinensis. Silver, 22mm, 2.60g. Radiate and draped bust to right; VALERIANVS CAES. Infant Jupiter seated on Amalthaean goat walking to right; IOVI CRESCENTI (RIC V.1, 3). From the Dorchester (Dorset) Hoard 1936 of over 22,000 coins deposited in 257 and found in several containers while rebuilding the Marks and Spencer store in South Street.

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Valerian II (256 - 258 A.D.)

AR Antoninianus
O: VALERIANVS CAES, Radiate and draped bust right.
R: IOVI CRESCENNI, Infant Jupiter seated facing on goat (Amalthea) standing right,his right hand raised.
Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne) mint
RIC 3 RSC 26

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Here's mine:


Valerian II, AR antoninianus, 23 mm 4.2 grams Struck: 257-258, Cologne.

Obverse: VALERIANVS CAES, radiate, draped bust right

Reverse: IOVI CRESCENTI, the child Jupiter sitting right on the goat Amalthea, looking left, right hand raised, left hand holding the goat's horn.

Reference: RIC 3 (Lyons); Cohen 26 (Saloninus); Elmer 67a; Goebl 0907e; Sear 10731. 



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