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  1. I don't like it either. It's pretty much unregulated, so lots of scams exist to con "investors", and it's hard to trace specific transactions so it's used a lot in scamming regular people too. On the Numismatics side of things, I was surprised to learn that "Physical bitcoins" exist (despite that being the very thing cryptocurrencies are trying to remove), and there are specialist auctions for them. I'm not sure what makes it fetch significantly more than the "face value" of the token, but apparently some people are into that kind of thing... https://coins.ha.com/c/search/results.zx?dept=1909&sold_status=1526&archive_state=5327&mode=archive&auction_name=3112&auction_year=2023&type=https://www.ngccoin.com/
  2. That is a very interesting coin! The lines are a bit blurry when it comes to barbarous / official issues of Carausius, and this looks like it is a bit of both. The legend is blundered, and the style is quite crude, but it looks like it's made of silver, which barbarous issues typically aren't. Perhaps it was overstruck on an earlier denarius to make sure it has good silver quality? I don't own any Carausius denarii (unfortunately), but here are a few of my "barbarous" antoninianii of Carausius. IM[P CARA]VSIVS P F AVG / Radiate bust of Carausius facing right [PTO(?)]IIIIC, σ+∩ in exergue / Wolf facing right, suckling Romulus and Remus IMP CARAVSIVS [AVG] / Radiate bust of Carausius facing right PA[X A]VG / Pax (?) standing, facing left, holding spear and shield.
  3. Thank you! After using that in my searches, I found a match! Louis XII Douzain Au Porc-épic De Bretagne, 2e Type N.d. Nantes
  4. Hi all! This coin came to me recently as part of a group lot, and I've been trying to research it, but have had no luck. I can read: "[...]VX ↑ LVDOV (or LVBOV?) [...]" on the obverse, and "[...] M:N:↑:SITRO[...]" on the reverse, so I'm guessing it's of one of the Louis. The closest match I can find is this Grand Blanc of Francois I from Nantes & Rennes: although mine has something below the shield on the obverse (a griffin?) My coin weighs 2.02g and has a diameter of 25mm. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the info, everyone! It's great to hear it's probably genuine. Looking at it closer, I think it was definitely in a mount (so the edges are filed in places), and there are spots of darker metal around the edge of the coin, which I'm guessing is probably solder. When I was looking at the auction photos after I bought the lot, I saw the "earring" and was trying to find other owls with something similar lol. It was only when I received the coin I realised it wasn't! The whole group was only £50, so I think it was a good deal! I don't plan on grading it, as the edge is damaged and I doubt it would receive a straight grade. That's fascinating - yes, it definitely looks like the eye is angled a bit lower. I'll research that die discovery!
  6. Hi everyone! I recently bought this coin as part of a large lot of mostly modern coins at auction. The pictures were quite blurry, but I've now received the coin and have taken better pictures of it. The edge of the coin is concerning me. It appears to have been filed down at several points, which could mean that either it's been cast with the edge filed down to hide the casting seam, or that it's ex jewellery, and has been filed to fit in a mount. There are also some prominent deposits on the reverse, and a drilled "dent" on the obverse (to check if it is silver?). It is also quite yellow, which could just be tarnish. It weighs 16.95g and has a diameter of 24mm It was very cheap, so it's not a huge loss if it's fake - the rest of the coins in the lot should pay for it! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Harry G

    RIP Roma?

    Hi all! I managed to save all Roma's historical articles on The Wayback Machine, and I've also made a quick website with all the links to all the articles they wrote. https://roma-archive-unofficial.weebly.com/ Hopefully it'll be useful if/when their website shuts down!
  8. Fantastic coins! That portrait is superb. I don't have any particularly fancy busts of Gallienus, other than my "VICT GAL AVG" type. Gallienus Antoninianus (Rome): Obverse: GALLIENVS AVG, Radiate head right, wearing lion's skin headdress (two ribbons) Reverse: VICT GAL AVG, Three Victories standing facing, heads left, each holding wreath and palm branch, V in exergue. It has quite rough surfaces, but is nicer in hand.
  9. Here are a few of mine! I also have a Carausius antoninianus, but this one has been struck over an antoninianus of Victorinus (his nose is pointing towards 4-o-clock in my picture). I also have this unusual antoninianus of Maximianus, which appears to have been overstruck on a coin with "SEV" on the obverse, and something I can't make out on the reverse. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  10. Harry G

    RIP Roma?

    That's a big shame - I've spent far too much money with them, and consigned quite a bit as well! I can't seem to use my points on a purchase from their shop unfortunately. It just managed to add an item to my cart and now I can't seem to remove it! Also, I had some lots go unsold in their last auction. Hopefully they... uhh... send them back to me...
  11. This is probably the worst case of "bad seller photos, nice coin" that I've experienced: eBay seller's pics: Auction pics from when I sold it:
  12. Interesting coins! I think I actually own a double die match to that VENVS AVG example, and (hopefully) have some pictures of it that are better than RIC: And here's my FORTVNA AVG (no mintmark) example, with a more Smyrna-y looking bust. As for the last 2 coins, I would tentatively say they share an obverse die - the crown spikes seem to point to the same parts of each letter, and the D and I of CLAVDIVS are pretty close together on both coins.
  13. I saw those coins - luckily they don't seem to be selling for much. I wish eBay would ban those sellers, but they just seem to turn a blind eye to it. I actually own a couple of those types of fake - both are die matches to the coins you've posted. Probus - ADVENTVS AVG. Bought from a small lot sold by a reputable London dealer several years ago thinking it was genuine. Constantine II - CONCORDIA AVGG. I knew it was fake before I bought it, but the die pairing is so ridiculous I had to buy it.
  14. I do! I use a Canon EOS 250D with 105mm Sigma macro lens with the coins on a plain white background. I then remove that background using Adobe Express (which doesn't compress the image like most online background removal tools).
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