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Let's see some eagles!


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I've been spending some time watching eagles lately and thought I'd post a few. All photos are mine.

Let's see some of yours!

Eagles you can hold in your hand


ELIS, Olympia. 111th Olympiad
336 BCE
AR Stater 22mm, 11.63 g, 6h
Hera mint. Head of Hera right, wearing ornamented stephanos inscribed [FAΛEI]Ω[N] / Eagle standing left, head right, wings spread, on rock; all within wreath.
Seltman, Temple 341–5 var. (dies FG/–); BCD Olympia 159 (same obv. die); HGC 5, 394.



Parthia(?) Andragoras(?), 'Eagle Series'
circa 246-238 BCE
AR Drachm. Hekatompylos(?) 3.33g, 14mm, 6h.
Local standard. Head of Athena to right, wearing earring, necklace, and crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over visor and a spiral palmette on the bowl; monogram of Andragoras(?) behind / Eagle standing to left, head to right; grape cluster on vine with leaf above.
Roma XIV, 332; Bopearachchi, Sophytes Series 2A; SNG ANS -; Mitchiner -; HGC 12, 8
Ex Neil Collection


Paphlagonia, Sinope. Ariarathes I of Cappadocia
Circa 325 BCE
AR Drachm 5.53 gm, 17mm
Persic standard
Obv.: 'm in Aramaic, head of the nymph Sinope to left, her hair bound in a sakkos, wearing triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace; to left, aphlaston.
Rev.: 'ariyrth' in Aramaic, sea-eagle with spread wings standing on a dolphin to left.
HGC 7, 434; SNG BM Black Sea 1459; SNG Stancomb 761



Baktria, Local issues
Circa 285/3-280/78 BCE
AR Obol 8.5mm, 0.55 g, 6h
Attic standard. Uncertain mint in the Oxus region. Head of Kybele or Tyche right, wearing mural crown /
Eagle standing left, head right, with wings spread; grape bunch to lower right.
Cf. SMAK p. 70 and pl. 30 (for rev.); Bopearachchi, Sophytes –; SNG ANS –; HGC 12, –


Eagles that will not appreciate being held in your hand






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Not sure why they grew two heads between Roman times and now...

Catherine II the Great Five Kopeks, 1792
Ekaterinburg. Copper, 47.75g. Crowned monogram of Ekaterina II divides date within wreath. Crowned double-headed eagle (Eagle of 1789-1796), Е М, Five Kopecks. Edge: Reticulated (Bit 646).

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Otacilia Severa (244 - 249 A.D.)

SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch
AR tetradrachm
O: MAP ΩTAKIΛ CEOYHPAN CEB Draped bust of Otacilia Severa to left, wearing stephane, set on crescent.
R: ΔHMAPX EΞOYCIAC YΠA TO Γ / ANTIOXIA / S C Eagle with spread wings, standing facing, with it's head and tail to right, holding wreath in beak.
McAlee 1093. Prieur 381

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Here are a couple of RP tetradrachms issued by Vespasian.

Vespasian, Tetradrachm, Antioch, Seleucis Pieria, New Holy Year 2 (AD 69-70).

Prieur 135

14.6 grams

A nice expressive portrait here.



Vespasian, Tetradrachm, Antioch, Seleucis Pieria, RY 4 (71-72 AD).

RPC II 1973; Prieur 137; SNG Copenhagen 169

14.91 grams

Apparent die clash showing on the obverse, to the left of the portrait.



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Including some more of both types of eagle...


Ptolemy IV Philopator
222-205/4 BCE
AE Drachm 41.4mm 66.2g
Alexandreia Mint
Obv: Head of Zeus-Ammon right, wearing tainia
Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, filleted cornucopia to left; LI between legs
Ref: Svoronos 1126



Macedon, Local Dynasts. Philotas
Circa 400-380 BCE
Æ 2.76g, 13mm, 10h
Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion-skin headdress
Eagle standing to right, head reverted on thunderbolt; ΦIΛΩ to right.
Wartenberg, Philotas 1 (O1/R1). 




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Celtic. Central Gaul, Carnutes. Circa 1st century BC. AE Potin (20mm, 4.10g, 1h). Obv: Profile head left. Rev: Eagle standing three quarters facing left, head right. Ref: CCCBM III 319; Scheers, Traite, 720; DT 2618; Scheers, Lyon, 811-812. Said to be from an old German private collection.


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SELEUCIS & PIERIA. Antioch. Vespasian (69-79). Regnal Year 2 (69-70 AD). AR Tetradrachm. 
Obv: laureate head of Vespasian, facing right. ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑ ΟΥƐϹ

Rev: eagle with wreath in beak standing facing left, on club.; in left field, palm branch. ƐΤΟΥϹ ΝƐΟΥ ΙƐΡΟΥ Β (Holy New Year 2, 69-70 AD)

Weight: 15.3g
Diameter: 27.3mm

RPC II 1954

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Ptolemaios VI Philometor
Tetradrachm of the Ptolemaic Kingdom Egypt Period 180/145 BC; Material: Silver; Diameter: 28mm; Weight: 13.98g; Mint: Alexandria, Egypt; Reference: Svoronos 1489, SNG Copenhagen 262-8; Obverse: Diademed head of Ptolemy right, wearing aegis around neck; Reverse: Eagle with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt; no control marks. The Inscription reads: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ for Basileos Ptolemaiou (King Ptolemaios).
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