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  1. Well done @Qcumbor , happy to see the Trajan is in well ranked in tour selection 😉
  2. Thanks @Roman Collector, a very nice aquisition of a very rare type indeed 🙂 Here is mine - and I don't know of any other specimen.
  3. Faustina yes, and perhaps some Sabina too 🙂
  4. Nice topic! here is my new comer, a denarius with a veiled portrait of Faustina 🙂
  5. I tried for one lot, with a bid I thought was unreasonably high…. Apparently it was not high enough 😞
  6. Strangely, one of the very few ´´non consecratio ´´ coins I own is also a Flavian bronze, which I could never part with until now because I love its obverse: a great portrait of Titus, with beautiful green patina...
  7. Hello All, I acquired a few years ago an imitation of Claudius II with a reverse type that I had never seen before, and which I found quite interesting at the time: not an autel variant that one often finds on imitations of Claudius II, but something that looks like a distyle temple with a lit autel on a pedestal inside, probably inspired from Probus coinage. The reverse legend reads CONSECRNTIO (sic). The lifetime obverse legend has the style of Quintillus antoninianii, or early reign of Aurelian. The coin had been sitting quietly in my trays for years... A few days ago, a fellow collector contacted me with a ''funny'' imitation of Claudius II, with a temple on the reverse. This new coin is now with me, and now that I pulled the first coin off its tray, I can most certainly say that they share the same pair of dies. It is personally the first time that I manage to gather two imitations sharing dies, and I thought it could be interesting enough to be shared on this forum, especially with this reverse ''new'' iconography. Does anyone have come accros this type of Consecratio temple reverse for Claudius II before or in the litterature? Maybe even from the same dies too :)... G.
  8. Two CONSERATIO issues for me: a fun fourrée hybrid imitation, and the « real » one frim Alexandria (already shown in another post)
  9. No problem at all :). Actually this coin is an oddity to me, and I am certainly open to opinions !
  10. Here are some pics of my Divus Valerianus from Cologne, for the sake of comparison...The portrait on the´odd’´ one is slightly smaller in size, as is the flan. Weight is OK, 3.15g. The lettering is not too bad, but the overall style does not look right even though the engraving is quite detailed. Look at the wobbling crown, and the funny eagle and the emperor on it... It does certainly look ancient though, that is why I think it is a contemporary imitation... I may be wrong (?)
  11. @ambr0zie, here are two little variants of your last one 😉 A fun imitation And a nice thunderbolt
  12. I love Lugdunum mint for my Consecration coinage collection because of the very nice issues struck by Constantine for his father Constantius I in that mint. Here below my current series - work in progress!
  13. I did not win anything, even though I thought I was well prepared. I ended up second bidder in the three lots I was targeting. 1 - very rare gold Imperial with no past sale records: went simply to high for my pockets, not much more I could have done: nice fight during the live but opponent was stronger than me. Nice adrenaline shot though. Of course, winning target 1 would have automatically cancelled target 2 and 3, and probably the next 10 000 as well 😂 2- very rare imperial denarius, but with former and recent sales records. It went twice as much as the normal price, that I don’t think can be justified by the coin condition. I could have kept going, but where do we stop? I don’t think the current market makes much sense. 3- same story as above, but for a nice and scarce (but nothing extra-ordinary) late roman folles. I just stopped, as I felt it would go insane. bottom line: I lost the first one because I am not rich enough, but the final price was kind of understandable for an almost unique and historically important artefact. I lost the other two I could afford (and they would have been great additions) because I don’t want to play the current game of crazy prices.
  14. I will not let this thread... die ! here is a new comer, rather interesting and widely discussed on FAC some time ago... Divus Commodus. Died AD 192. AR Denarius (17.5mm, 2.68 g, 6h). Consecration issue. Alexandria mint. Struck under Septimius Severus, AD 193-195. Laureate head right / Eagle standing left on globe, head right. He will replace his little brother...
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