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Hollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra, Wearing Ancient Coin


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Saw these recently posted on a celebrity news site. Actress Priyanka Chopra, is wearing a necklace with an ancient coin.

From these high quality images, it looks like a real Caligula AS. Some of the green on the coin itself looks neon, so bronze disease too.😳





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35 minutes ago, Octavius said:

 Looks like a DIVVS AVGVSTVS  As to me. Don't know if it's real, but those stones sure look nice.

It might be, couldn't find any others in higher quality, for a closer look.

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It's part of Bulgari's monete jewellery collection. Some of the regular pieces are viewable on their website https://www.bulgari.com/en-int/jewellery/monete. In most cases, they use lower-grade common coins. I cannot however clearly see whether the OP coin falls into this category. I do agree that the coin in question is a Divus Augustus as issued by Tiberius. IMO the markup for a mounted piece of junk is quite ridiculous. Here's a similar example to the type shown by the OP https://eleuteri.nyc/collections/bulgari-rare-large-monete-necklace/. Bulgari does, however, sometimes use exceptional coins, which irks me. I posted about their use of Constantinian multiples for watches in this thread


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I saw something similar in Vegas at a mall between the Venetian and another hotel. A shop selling mounted ancient coins as jewelry - I believe a Phillip I ant was used in one piece, the cost for the silver mount with a couple of diamonds and the medium grade coin was $4000. So a bit of a mark-up. But afterall it was a "real ancient coin" dating back almost to "the time of Jesus"

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For some reason this strikes me as a place to show the one piece of coin jewelry that I would buy without hesitation were the opportunity to present itself.  In vain, I have posted this photo many times over the years asking to be shown an older photograph showing ancient coin(s).  This stereoview dates to the 1850's.  Of the many items in my collection that have meaning to me but never turn up any interest from others, this may be number one. 


Early coin photograph

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