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I gambled on this Augustus bull denarius from ebay!


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Seller's photo




My photo after I did some cleaning, couldn't be more happier!

Not only it's my bucket list coin, but also got it for a fraction of what it costs.



AR Denarius (3.32 gm), Lugdunum mint.
circa 15-13 BC.
Obv.: AVGVSTVS DIVI•F, bare headright with chopmarks.
Rev.: IMP•X Bull butting to right.

Disclaimer: I'm not encouraging novice collectors to go shopping for ancient coins on eBay. You need to know what you are looking for, which only comes from years in this hobby to tell a coin if it looks 'right' or not. 

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24 minutes ago, John Conduitt said:

That's pretty amazing. What did you clean it with?

Sodium thiosulfate bath followed by picking the layers with tooth pick and polishing with baking soda.

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@JayAg47, I'm amazed by the mere fact that you could see the potential from the dealer's pics.  As far as your expertise in the cleaning, nope, you're blowing me out of the water. 

I mostly hang out in the middle ages, but can't not like Julio-Claudian stuff.  I have exactly one provincial AE of Augustus.  By contrast, even for one representative example, this would be a fantastic 'bucket list' coin.  --As cleaned, thank you; I'd never have spotted it from the initial listing, like you did.  Hearty congratulations on an aggregately brilliant coup.

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