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Octavius' top dozen for 2022


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Well, it's that time of year. This year I managed to get something that was actually on my bucket list. As things were going I was afraid the "bucket" would get here before the "list". But I was lucky. I have always been a lover of the ugly, Aes Grave series. I know they aren't very attractive,but there is just that intangible quality about them - strong, massive, enduring, that for me represents a metaphor of Rome. Anyway, I always wanted to get a bar, and this year I managed to get one ( or a partial one ) in an Artemide auction.



Aes Signatum. AE Currency Bar, Central Italy, Aemilia (?), c. 6th-4th century BC. Large terminal fragment, 'Ramo Secco' pattern, sharp on one side, faint but visible on the other. Obv. AE Ramo Secco. Central Italy, Aemilia (?), late 6th to 4th century BC. Vecchi ICC 3; Haeberlin pp. 10-19, pls. 6-8; Garrucci pp. 5-8, pls. 7-11. AE. 878.00 g. RR. 97x70x25 mm. Untouched rough green brown patina, with reddish spots for its high ferruginous content and emerald green highlights. Very are and impressive. Good VF/F. The Ramo Secco cast ingots are found predominantly in Emilia, hence the attribution to his region. Always found in fragments, they generally weigh from 500 grams to 2000 grams.


2. Continuing with the "ugly" Aes Grave -  here is a sextans with shell and caduceus. This one , however , is of the "sickle series". It is a little later than the ones without it, and scarcer as well. This was cast about 250 BCE.


Anonymous circa 280 BC. Rome
Aes Grave Sextans Æ

37 mm, 48,41 g

Scallop shell; • • (mark of value) below / Caduceus; • • (mark of value) across field.

very fine

Crawford 14/5; ICC 30; HN Italy 272.

3. RR denarius  - commemorates Pompey's Corona Civica..


4. RR denarius - Brutus - Libertas/Lictors


5. Another RR den from Brutus..


6. Denarius of Octavius...


7. As of Claudius /Constantiae...


8. My favorite Imperial coins are of Nero - so there are several representing him. I know I have duplicates, but I can't seem to control myself with his coins. I am particularly fond of the Lugdunum representations.

sestertius with temple of Janus reverse


9.Dupondius with victory reverse...


10. As with Genio reverse...


11. 11. Sestertius of Trajan with bridge across Danube.



12 Lastly, I fell for this Marcus Aurelius sestertius because of the ADVENTVS reverse and him seated upon a horse. Looks like the famous equestrian statue of him in Rome.





 Not sure how multiple pics of same coin got here - just ignore it.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great, and healthy New Year, and happy hunting!


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