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  1. Nice coin @Ryro! Here's a coin I haven't shown in a while with SPQR in the reverse legend.
  2. Great find! What a stunning coin! Congratulations!
  3. Nice coins, everyone! Great portrait, @CPK; I've been really enjoying your posts about your new purchases! Here is my only example of Julia Domna. I am also proud to announce that it is my very own photo - progress is slow but my photos are slowly improving... 😁 HD
  4. Nice idea for a thread! What about Geta and Caracalla? I would say that they definitely look most alike as Caesar. As Augustus, the resemblance is not so obvious:
  5. Nice coins all! Here is my example:
  6. Next: Same theme, please.
  7. This is my first time over in the 'Medieval' section of NumisForums! 😄 Such a time period is not really my collecting area, but it is still an era that really interests me! This coin I've had this coin for over a year now - so it's not really 'new' - but I'll post it anyways. Thanks for looking!
  8. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I recently went to Croatia. It's a beautiful country. Specifically, I went to Dubrovnik - a former prosperous trading hub. Inspired by other users of this Forum, I decided to take a few photos, which I planned to use in a thread about the city (but I never got round to creating the post). Here they are: I also managed to get a quick pic of this little guy! While I was there, it just happened to be Croatian Statehood Day (May 30th); this is a national holiday in Croatia, where the country celebrates it's 1991 declaration of independence from Yugoslavia. On that day, we visited the Island of Lokrum, which is the big island just beyond the Old Town as seen in the last photo. We walked around the whole island before visiting the beach, where we stayed for about 30 minutes. As we were leaving, I saw something in the water, which had been washed up. It turned out to be a coin: The coin is not in great condition but is still quite interesting! Overall, my trip to Dubrovnik was phenomenal. Thank you for reading! 😄
  9. Next: 14th century, please
  10. One of my favourite coins. Link: Marcus Aurelius
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