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  1. This is my last purchase, a Nero type that I have been searching it for a long time. It's from the Rome mint with the emperor portrait in high relief. Nero. Orichalcum sestertius, Rome mint, 64 AD. RIC 149 NERO CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P IMP P P, laureate head right wearing aegis / S C, triumphal arch surmounted by statue of Nero in quadriga, Victory on left holds wreath and palm, Pax on right holds caduceus and cornucopia, wreath in archway, statue of Mars, naked and helmeted, in niche. 35 mm / 26.2 g
  2. @CPK I love all three coins , well done !
  3. Some weeks ago I presented you a first set of six Probus's coins from a large lot of coins I bought recently , now I finished to indentify and photograhp all the Aurelian's coins from the lot , I hope you will like them. I will have to post a last set of six Probus's coins and some Gallienus and Gallic emperors coins. Aurelian with Vaballathus, Billon tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt. Dated Year 4. AD 272-274. AVT K Λ ΔOM AVPHΛIANOC CEB, laureate, draped bust of Aurelian right, L(A) before head. / IAC OVABAΛΛAΘOC ATHN V A C ? , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Vabalathus right around, date L - Δ across fields Aurelian AE Antoninianus. Ticinum mint. RIC 154, T IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right / SOLI INVICTO, Sol walking left between two captives, holding globe, right hand raised, star in left field, Mintmark TXXT. Aurelian , AE Antoninianus. Siscia mint. RIC 225 IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right / IOVI CONSER, Emperor standing right, usually with sceptre, accepting globe from Jupiter. Mintmark star P to Q Aurelian , Mediolanum ,AD 270 - AD 275 , RIC V Aurelian 147 IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Bust of Aurelian, radiate, draped, right or bust of Aurelian, radiate, cuirassed, right VIRTVS MILITVM Victory, winged, draped, walking left, holding wreath in right hand and palm in left hand MintMark:T Aurelian AE Antoninianus. Tripolis mint, ca AD 274-275. RIC 390, left IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust left / SOLI INVICTO, Sol standing left, captive at foot, holding globe and raising right hand. Star in left field. Mintmark KA. Aurelian , Mediolanum ,AD 270 - AD 275 , RIC V Aurelian 134 IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Bust of Aurelian, radiate, cuirassed, right ORIENS AVG Sol, radiate, standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left hand; at his feet to the left, captive , MintMark:S Aurelian AE Antoninianus.Serdica mint, RIC 290, dot B dot AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right / RESTITVT ORBIS, Woman standing right, presenting wreath to Aurelian. Star in lower centre, mintmark KA dot B dot.
  4. Herennius Etruscus, AE28 of Dacia. AMNG 46; Martin 3-63-1. Q H ETR MES DEC CAES, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust righ, seen from the back / PROVIN-C-IA DACIA, Dacia in long robe and Phrygian cap standing facing, looking left, holding sceptre and a bundle of rice. Eagle with wreath in its beak and a lion at foot left and right. Date AN V below.
  5. These are two coins of Constantius II I bought recently , the Phoenix type from Alexandria I noticed after I bought it that it's an extremly rare coin , OCRE has only two examples from this mint and on Acsearch is the only one, it appears there because Themis Numismatics tried to sell it in 2019 without success. I like the contrast between the two difrent patinas , blue-green against black-brown. Constantius II , 348 - 350, RIC VIII Alexandria 69 D N CONSTAN-TIVS P F AVG Bust of Constantius II, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed, right FEL TEMP REPARATIO , radiate phoenix standing right on globe, star in right field. MintMark: ALEA 17 mm / 2.28 g Constantius II, Antioch. 347-348 AD.RIC VIII 113, DI DN CONSTAN-TIVS PF AVG, pearl-diademed head right / VOT XX MVLT XXX within wreath. Mintmark SMANΔI.
  6. Thanks for sharing with us !
  7. To be honest, I didn't know which emperor I bought, I only suspected that it's from the period of Decius. It took me a while to identify it :) now I am happy to introduce you my latest provincial coin : Province: Galatia-Pontus , Region: Pontus , City: Neocaesarea Trebonianus Gallus (Augustus) , AD 251/2 , RPC IX, 1239 ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ ΓΑΛΛΟϹ ϹΕΒΑ (Imperator Caesar Gallus Augustus) laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gallus, right, seen from rear ΚΟΙ ΠΟΝΤ ΜΗΤ ΝΕΟΚΑΙϹΑΡΕΙΑϹ, ΕΤ/Ο, ΡΠ/Η (Year ΡΠΗ = 188)Tyche standing facing, head right, holding long rudder and cornucopia 30 mm/ 15 g
  8. singig


    I wish you an easy and quick recovery !
  9. In the last period I bought many Probus, Aurelian and Gallienus coins, I would say that these are my favorite coinages from that period. I will try to present them in the next weeks as I identify and photograph them, I will group them in several sets. Probus AE Antoninianus. Ticinum mint, 277 AD. RIC 388 VIRTVS PROBI AVG, radiate, helmeted, and cuirassed bust left holding spear and shield / IOVI CONSERVAT, emperor standing right holding eagle-tipped sceptre, receiving globe from Jupiter standing left, VXXT below. Probus AE Antoninianus. Rome. RIC 184,E IMP C PROBVS AVG, radiate, mantled bust left holding eagle-tipped sceptre / ROMAE AETER, hexastyle temple with Roma seated within, holding Victory and sceptre. Mintmark R thunderbolt epsilon. RIC V-2 Rome 184 var (unlisted officina). 21 mm / 4.5 g Probus. Antoninianus. Ticinum. RIC 489 IMP C PROBVS PF AVG, radiate bust left wearing imperial mantle and holding eagle-tipped sceptre / PROVIDENT AVG, Providentia standing left, holding globe and sceptre. Left field: Q. Mintmark SXXI. Probus Silvered AE Antoninianus. Rome mint.RIC 200 IMP PROBVS PF AVG, radiate mantled bust left holding eagle-tipped sceptre / SOLI INVICTO, Sol, radiate, in chariot riding left, raising right hand and holding globe and whip in left hand. Mintmark R(wreath)Γ. Probus AE Antoninianus. Siscia mint, 277-282 AD. RIC 818, S IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG, radiate, mantled bust left, holding eagle-tipped sceptre / VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Probus on horseback galloping left riding down enemy. Mintmark XXIS. Cohen 931. Probus. AE Antoninianus. Cyzicus. RIC 913 var IMP CM AVR PROBVS PF AVG, radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust left, holding spear over shoulder and shield, decorated with emperor spearing fallen enemy, on left arm / VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor riding left, holding sceptre, right hand raised, captive before. Mintmark CXXIM. 24 mm / 3.7 g
  10. This is my newest fraction from Carthage, what makes it special is the high silver content , I think has more than 70% silver. I was unable to find a similar billon/silver fraction. Maximianus , Billon Silver Fraction , Carthage , 303 AD , RIC VI Carthage 37b IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG , Bust of Maximian, radiate, draped, cuirassed, right / VOT X•X / FK within a wreath , MintMark: FK (Felix Karthago) , 3.34 g
  11. This is the best article/explanation I found : https://www.forumancientcoins.com/moonmoth/hut_analysis.html
  12. I bought it for the nice details. Constans, AE2, Antioch. AD 348-350. RIC VIII 128, Γ DN CONSTA-NS PF AVG, Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust left, holding globe / FEL TEMP REPA-RATIO, Helmeted soldier, spear in left hand, walking right, looking left; leading a small bare-headed figure from a hut beneath a tree with long slender leaves. The spear points downwards, between the soldier's legs. Star in upper centre. Mintmark ANΓ.
  13. my prefered Decius portrait
  14. This is my third exemple , I didn't have a photo when I posted the first ones.
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