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Nero's top favorites of 2022


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It's been a varied year.  I ended a dormant spell and started the year off with some nice Rome style Philip Antioch Tets. Then coinciding with my discovery of the History of Byzantium podcast, I got on a Byzantine kick for some month (I go through this once every few years). When I largely ran out of new episodes I went back to Romans and a genre I hadn't collected much before, non-Diodachi (is that the correct spelling?) Greek. Roman coins and Seleucid coins are generally my first loves.

I've been collecting since 1993 but most of my previous buys had been decrepit rarities or middling coins, with a few nice ones thrown in.  I generally stepped up my game this year.

In no particular order.



Tiberius Apsimar Solidus (698-705).  4.46g.  The listing was sparse and didn't have a reference number.  I never did get around to looking it up.

The picture doesn't show it, but it's by far the shiniest gold piece I have.  I had always wanted a good Apsimar and I passed up an okay but not super great Syracuse Tetradrachm to get it. (the same type as one a few numbers down, but without corrosion).

2) Justinian 40 nummi, Ravenna.


Attribution: Sear Byzantine 323 Ravenna mint
Date: Dated Year 34 - AD 560/1
Obverse: Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger, cross to right
Reverse: Large M, A/N/N/O to left, cross above, X / XX / IIII (date) in left field, RAVEN / NA below
Size: 34.13mm
Weight: 8.81 grams

In terrible shape, but a great rarity and a bucket list want.  These almost never come nice.

3) Justinian huge Antioch follis with 'oreo' patina.


The patina may or may not be a faux patina, but I was on the lookout for a large Justinian follis and this fit the bill.  37mm.

Year 20, officina A

4) John II (1118-43) Electrum Trikephalon


This one's my second favorite scyphate coin in my collection.

Electrum aspron trachy, DOC-1 IV 8d; Morrisson BnF 60/Cp/El/3; Wroth BMC 46; Ratto 2098; Grierson 1068; CLBC I 3.2.2; Sommer 60.5; SBCV 1942, VF, scyphate, obv. double struck, graffiti/scratches, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 3.662g, maximum diameter 32.2mm, die axis 180o, 1122 - 8 Apr 1143 A.D.; obverse Christ seated facing on throne without back, bearded, wearing tunic and kolobion, raising right in benediction, gospels in left hand, IC - XC (Greek abbreviation: Ihso�s Xrist�s - Jesus Christ) flanking nimbus, three pellets at each side of throne; reverse + Iw / ∆ECΠO/TH in column of four rows on left, Θ / ΓE/PW/ΓI in column of four rows on right, John (on left) and St. George standing facing, together holding patriarchal cross on a small globe between them, John wearing crown, divitision, and chlamys with dot (control symbol) below the tablion, St. George nimbate, in military dress, left hand on sword at side; from the S. Lindner Collection; ex Numismatic Naumann auction 71 (4 Nov 2018), lot 680 (also now ex: Forum)

5) a portrait Denarius of Sulla


Head of Q Pompeius Rufus right (Consul)
Head of Sulla (Rufus' grandfather) right "Q POM RVFI / RVFVS COS"
Cr 434/1
Pompeia 4

It's only in Fine grade, but it's been a bucket list coin for years.

6) a Syracuse Tetradrachm



It's less awful in person than the photo, but it suffers from corrosion (although I display the reverse as the obverse). I have the correct attribution written somewhere, but it would be too much effort to find it, as this coin's not going to win. I bought it because it was a great deal for a very expensive type.

7) Mazaios Stater.


CILICIA, Tarsos. Mazaios. Satrap of Cilicia, 361/0-334 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 11.00 g, 9h). Baal of Tarsos seated left, head and torso facing, holding eagle and scepter; A (in Aramaic) to left / Lion attacking bull left; SM (in Aramaic) below. Casabonne Series 2, Group A; SNG BN 346.

The above type has also been a long-time want.

8) an exceptionally nice large module SCL Heraclius follis


Sear 882.

The original listing was very terse, although I learned on CT that the coin was owned by an expert in the field.

ex Naville Numismatics auction, 2018, with original listing:

Heraclius, 610-641 Follis Siracusa after 630, Æ 32.5mm., 13.28g. Countermark with facing bust of Heraclius wearing chlamys and crowned/monogram. Underneath type Sear 160. Rev. countermark with SCLS. Sear 882. Anastasi 37. Spahr 44 ter.

Attractive dark green patina, Good Very Fine.

From the Spahr collection. Sold with the collector's ticket.


9)  A pleasant, heavy Postumus laureate Sestertius.


I had always wanted a nice laureate Postumus and one came around at a very nice price.  In decent Fine grade.

Postumus (260-269). Æ Sestertius (31.5mm, 23.88g, 6h). Treveri, AD 261. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. R/ Fides standing facing, head l., holding two signa. RIC V 124.

I really like this coin.  Of the top 10, it's definitely in the top 3 in terms of personal enjoyment.

10)a Pertinax placeholder

#10 should be my latest buy, but I don't want to jinx in-transit coins.  So to make a #10, a Pertinax from Alexandria.

Pertinax. AD 193. AR Denarius (16mm, 2.06g). Alexandria mint. Laureate head right / Ops, draped, seated left on throne, holding two grain ears in right hand and left hand on seat of throne. Cf. RIC IV 8a. Fine


My budget (but still a decent coin) Phonician imitation of an old-style Athenian Tetradrachm is also one of my top faves. It brings me far more enjoyment than the Pertinax, which is a placeholder.

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4 hours ago, LONGINUS said:

Great group of purchases, @Nerosmyfavorite68!

Thank you for starting the ball rolling on the “top coins of the year” posts.

I always enjoy seeing the year’s coin conquests of fellow forum members. 




Thanks for the kind words, but a couple of others started before I did.

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