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  1. Best of luck in your sale! Looking through your posts, I'd certainly be interested in some the pieces if you wouldn't mind revealing which auction house you consigned your collection to? Some of my empresses:
  2. Here's mine, Ex Roma Numismatics. Very doe-ish early portrait, from the same period as @PeteB and @happy_collector examples. The revserse die had taken a beating and couldn't have had much longer left in it.
  3. Welcome to the Forum! If you are able to post the photos of the coins here, members of this Forum would love to help you out in terms of identification and rough values, and show you the methods for acquiring such information. I am not aware of any non-profit coin dealers. You haven't stated your location, but in the UK, OXFAM have a Coins section. However, I have never seen any ancient coins listed. I would personally be more inclined to sell them and donate the proceeds. For this you can either sell privately (on eBay or such) which entails extra hassle and time but can be more profitable, or you can consign them to an auction house or dealer which would be a lot more convenient and they would do all the legwork in terms of identification and valuations for you, while also opening your coins up to a larger client base. Again, members on this Forum have a lot of experience in this area and would be happy to help. What is the nature of the collection? Is it Ancient or Modern, and can you narrow down further to another category Ancient Roman or British Gold?
  4. Very nice coin! I am confident enough to identify the figures as Caracalla and Geta unless some better justification for their sudden inclusion on this type is discovered. Here’s the RIC entries, 240 refers the reader to 226 (my example) which does not identify the children as Caracalla and Geta.
  5. here’s my two Maximinus coins, the top one a SOLE from Antioch, mainly purchased for the amazing detail on the head of Serapis.
  6. Hello to our UK friends: I am selling some of my collection on eBay. I am trying to recoup costs rather than make a profit, so prices are (in my opinion) quite reasonable. Take a look if this interests you and feel free to negotiate a Numisforums discount! https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/numisbarn
  7. So am I, I think I see a hairstyle of her’s. I’m sure @Roman Collectorcan confirm.
  8. I have an inkling that coin retail prices are coming down. For a while there, the vast majority of retail listing had me thinking “I can’t imagine any scenario where that price could be paid by a buyer.” However, the last few days I have noticed that a few sellers are uploading very competitively priced goods in high volumes, to the point I’ve even even tempted to stray outside my collecting area! Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps seller fatigue kicking in simultaneously, or maybe there’s some effects/news affecting dealers us buyers don’t know about yet!
  9. Philip I AR Antoninianus. IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / LAETIT FVNDAT, Laetitia standing left holding wreath and rudder. RIC 36 RSC 80. I'm assuming the object between the rudder and Laetitia is actually just some disconnected drapery?
  10. I disagree with some points on the graph! Domitian was certainly a nerd, owing to his obsession with economic stability, administration and his knowledge of literature! I’d also say he was quite preppy due to being a disciplinarian and also in his desire for conservative morals, to the point he held the post of Censor in perpetuity! I also think that Elagabalus has to be as far over to the Goth side as possible, if that’s supposed to mean “counter-culture”. He did eschew religious, social and gender norms. Although Hadrian has a lot of nerdy interests, he was also obsessed with hunting, military drills and physical fitness! It seems unfair to put him as far down the nerd column. Domitian as Perpetual Censor (CENS P)
  11. For me, the stone of Elagab will always win any list that it appears on. The coin is an amazing piece of historical evidence validating Dio’s ostensibly bizarre claims that Elagabalus tried to subvert the Roman Pantheon with a meteorite. The stone on your example is clear, the eagle can be ascertained and the legends including “ELAGABAL” are clear which would make this a grail coin for me! From a purely aesthetic/stylistic point of view, the Nero wins for me! It really captures his arrogance and pomp.
  12. I am also totally unqualified. I can see why you are concerned. There's a certain element of "pop" to this example on both the portrait and the reverse design which doesn't seem present on the surrounding legends. It seems more likely to me that there has been some very subtle removal of material in the fields around the devices to produce that pop. However, the rough surfaces on the fields might disqualify that, unless a real master has been at work? I am only speculating though, and as I stated, I am not qualified to make any statements, nevermind definitive ones.
  13. https://elfontheshelf.com/blog/elfontheshelf-101/ I imagine it's this. As far as I'm aware, the tradition has extended so that the Elf on the Shelf gets up to mischief in the middle of the night that is found in the morning.
  14. Has anyone ever ran an experiment to test the effect of PVC on coins, Perhaps with some slugs? Has anyone ever seen a surefire case of PVC damage with a control coin for comparison? I suspect the PVC fear is perhaps overblown, but that doesn't stop me avoiding it. 😂
  15. There are enough coins available that it's no great loss to not engage with coins that are altered in any way, including repatination.
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