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I think we need our own 'Post an Old Coin and and an Old Tune' thread


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Those are some sweet coins and awesome tunes, Gandalf ... keep that shit up!


Gilligan's Island Theme Song - Bing video


Clip - The Ballad of Gilligans Island, Gilligans Island opening and closing credits _0001_xvid.avi - Bing video


Allectus. Romano-British Emperor, AE Quinarius (beow)

“C” mint

AD 293-296

Diameter: 19 mm

Weight: 2.72 grams

Obverse: Radiate and cuirassed bust right

Reverse: Galley left, with mast; waves below; QC

Reference: RIC V 124; Rogiet 1027; Burnett, Coinage 1027

Other: 6h … black patina, minor deposits





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Here's a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by a 13yr old girl on America's got talent - amazing !

Oh, a coin you say?

I think this is my most recent, RIC VII Alexandria 5. It's a transitional type from when Licinius took over the Alexandrian mint after the death of Maximinus II, complete with Maximinus II's head of Serapis (normally associated with his Genio Avgvsti type), and Maximinus II's misspelling of Licinius's name: LICINNIVS.


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I don't always listen to Donnie Iris, but when I do, so do the neighbors!!

Licinius I, AD 308-324.
Roman billon follis, 2.71 g, 18.3 mm, 11 h.
Heraclea, second officina, AD 317-18.
Obv: IMP LICI-NIVS AVG, Laureate and draped bust right, holding globe, scepter and mappa.
Rev: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG, three-turreted gateway of military camp; Λ in right field; SMHB in exergue.
Refs: RIC vii, p. 547, 48 var. (bust right); Cohen 145; RCV 15268.

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Here's a duplicate --to the extant that, for anything hammered, there can be such a thing.



BELGIUM. Namur. Albert III (1064-1102). Denar.

Dannenberg 176.

And here's a tune that I probably posted on the old forum.  Except that I'm liking it again, too.  Always reminds me of my home town.  Especially the last year I was there, when I met all of these people from Oakland, who'd just moved there.



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Yikes, @Constantivs, Licinius looks Reaally Mad!  Looking like a combination of Nero and a certain, duly esteemed former head of state.  Wouldn't want him for a next-door neighbor.

Meanwhile, all the way back to Thursday, @Steve posted some of all the Yes that you need to sustain intelligent life.  Thought it was time for some more of the same.  First,

A lead seal, French, possibly relating to the town of Chateau-Thierry; likely temp. Philippe IV (1285-1314), or a similar, later Capetian chronological neighborhood.  Apparently unpublished.


And this is some more Yes.  I like to think of this track as the last, best crystallization of what their original musical and lyrical esthetic aesthetic was about.  This one, from Youtube, sounds more like the original vinyl than either of the early 21st-century remasters.

(Edit: No, I don't get a lot of traction with the video.  Mostly I ignore it.) 


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You can thank me later for this bit of 1960s nostalgia! 😸

And now, THE original flower child--the goddess Spes!


Sculpture by Bertel Thorvaldsen (born c.1770; died 1844), dated 1817, in the Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark. Photography permitted in the museum without restriction. Public domain.

Julia Domna, AD 193-217.
Roman AR denarius, 3.40 g, 17 mm, 12 h.
Eastern mint, AD 194-195.
Obv: IVLIA DO MNA AVG, bare-headed and draped bust, right.
Rev: BONA SPES, Spes standing left, holding flower and lifting fold of skirt.
Refs: RIC 614; BMCRE 412-13; Cohen/RSC 8; RCV 6575; CRE 387.
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@Roman Collector That has to be one of the greatest one hit wonders(Donnie Iris) out there!





Kingdom of Syria, Seleukid Kings, Antiochos I Soter (280-261 BC), Æ Chalkous

Obv: facing bust of Athena, wearing a triple-crested helmet.
Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ANTIOXOY , Nike advancing left, holding a wreath and a palm, monogram on left.


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I got you ...

That's all I want ...

Faustina Jr CONCORDIA seated denarius ANTONINI inscription.jpg

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman AR denarius, 3.02 g, 18.1 mm, 6 h.
Rome, late 151-early 152.
Obv: FAVSTINA AVG ANTONINI AVG PII FIL, bare-headed and draped bust right.
Rev: CONCORDIA, Concordia seated left, holding flower and resting elbow on cornucopiae set on globe under chair.
Refs: RIC 502a(6); BMCRE 1080-81; Cohen 53; RCV –; Strack 502; CRE 169.
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Checking out some of my latest coins which arrived today. Here is one of them:


(dealer photo; I haven't had time yet to take my own.)

Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Hui Zong, 1101 - 1125 AD
AE Cash circa 1101 - 1106 AD, 25mm, 4.11 grams
Obverse: SHENG SONG YUAN BAO in Seal Script.
Reverse: Inner and outer rims.


...while listening to this:


A combination of East and West.

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Roman Republican Period

167-165 B.C. Æ Unit.

22 mm. 9.43 grams.

Obverse: Facing mask of Silenos with pointed ears, wearing ivy wreath.

Reverse: MAKE / ΔΟΝΩΝ in two lines within oak wreath.

SNG Copenhagen 1324-6; MacKay pl. III, 10; Touratsoglou, Macedonia 25.Very Fine. Dark earthen patina.

"Very little is known about this attractive and interesting type. Originally attributed as an issue of the Roman D. Julius Silanus, more recent scholarship, particularly hoard analyses, have proved this untenable. The period to which it now belongs was marked by turmoil caused largely by various barbarian invasions, and coin production was sporadic at all of the Macedonian mints, and probably related to military activity. The Silenos type and oak wreaths were common local motifs used on coins in the Thraco-Macedonian region."



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