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  1. This is my 39th year collecting ancients. Oddly enough I do still have my first coin, illustrated below. What have I learned? I never know what is coming next. What I might collect, what I might get bored with, etc. There is always something new.
  2. I have that book as well.
  3. One is Murtagh Kavanagh Pub in Dublin on the river, doesnt exist any longer. The other one I've not attributed yet. You have some very nice trays and cabinets!
  4. I only recently got interested in tokens outside of the usual Conder series. Here are a couple odd denomination Irish tokens, one from Dublin, the other I havent tracked down yet but they are 21-23mm so close to the size of a farthing but heavier: I only have these books at the moment. Many are long out of print and difficult to locate. Any suggestions?
  5. I ran out of trays months ago but have been very busy so never bothered to get more. Luckily Abafil now makes blue and green, which I think look really nice. These are my first non-traditional trays. Now I just have to take this mess: And make it look like this: Feel free to post your display/storage preferences.
  6. I had a coin show over the weekend and another dealer brought a few things over, including this gem: Triton XVII, Lot: 712. Estimate $750. Sold for $750. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee. Diva Faustina Senior. Died AD 140/1. Æ Sestertius (33mm, 25.91 g, 12h). Rome mint. Struck under Antoninus Pius, AD 146-161. DIVA FAVSTINA, draped bust right, wearing hair bound in pearls / CERES, S C across lower field, Ceres standing left, holding grain ears in extended right hand, torch in left. RIC III 1128 (Pius); Strack 1273; Banti 44; BMCRE 1526 (Pius). VF, brown patina with some green deposits, light cleaning scratches. This is the auction photo which does the coin no justice at all. See below for a video. I always wondered why I had no Faustina Sr. in my collection when they are common and often very cheap. Now I know why: I was waiting for this one! Feel free to post any nice sestertii you like.
  7. I've been way behind processing new coins to the collection, so here is a small group of recent things.
  8. Puts my 66 VW Bug to shame. But then I have by CBR!
  9. KenDorney

    RIP Roma?

    Depends a little I think. When the hoard of John Hyperpyra came out Roma sided with Simon Bendall that they were genuine, Barry Murphy and NGC believe them to be false. But thats a professional opinion.
  10. God no!! I’m really weird about my books. Most look like they have never been cracked open, no folds, creases, wear marks, but certainly no notations! I’ve been like that since I was a kid. Even my pulp fiction paperbacks usually look like they have never been touched.
  11. When I looked at this coin I picked it up thinking it was ok for the hairstyle but how about the reverse? As soon as I turned it over it was an instant buy just like the Gallienus. The SC was instantly of interest as I was never aware they used it on imperial denarii. It does appear frequently on Republican denarii, but I have not yet taken the time to read up on it.
  12. Just e-mail him. Although mostly retired I bet he will look it up for you. Gone from VCoins but he's still on Ebay, and if you google 'amphora coins' he's the first result.
  13. How about a quartet?
  14. I picked up two new coins for my collection a couple weeks ago at the San Francisco show. Both were from Perry Siegel of Herakles Numismatics (who by the way has some very nice material). First up is an antoninianus of Gallienus. From the obverse it is a completely unremarkable coin and I have no idea what made me even look at it and turn it over. But when I did I instantly fell in love with it! The inscription is a bit on the small side but the devices are truly tiny! The stag is finely rendered, almost as nicely so as a normal sized die. I can only assume the celator really was very talented. Even the palm frond mintmark is detailed. Anyway, I rant. Coins with small devices are certainly not unknown, but there was just something about this one... The second coin is a lovely denarius of Sabina with Vesta reverse. This coin fits very nicely into my budding collection of Roman hairstyles:
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