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Ave All!

I haven't said anything but to just a couple of you, but I wanted to let you all know that Numisforums has a new member - as does the Frog family!

Today, we welcomed our 5th (and final!) tadpole to the family. He came flying out at 5am on the dot this morning. He was so eager to arrive that he was actually born in the lobby of the hospital. We barely made it, but thanks to my lead foot and the lack of traffic so early in the morning, we did.  Mom and baby are doing great. 

He is 6lbs 14oz and 20.5in long and healthy as can be. We do not yet have a name since finding one that we like for a 4th boy is rather difficult. Anyone have any thoughts? 😛 

I just wanted to drop a quick note here and tell everyone the good news. Now it's time to get FFIV napped, take FFIII to school before getting, FFII from school, and before FFIVN gets home from school. Then we all will go to the hospital so they can meet FFV! 

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What a wonderful blessing @Furryfrog02! My heartiest congratulations to you and your family. Good to know that things are well, although sounds like you cut it pretty close! 

Luckily, I have just the coin to post! 😉


FAUSTINA II, as Augusta under Antoninus Pius
AR Denarius (18.79mm, 3.12g, 7h)
Struck Dec. AD 147/8. Rome mint
Obverse: FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, bare-headed and draped bust of Faustina II right, wearing Beckmann Type 1 hairstyle
Reverse: LAETITIAE PVBLICAE, Laetitia, draped, standing left, holding diadem in extended right hand and vertical sceptre in left
References: RIC III 506a, RCV 4705

Attractively toned with hints of iridescence. A particularly beautiful young portrait of Faustina, struck in high relief. This reverse type proclaiming joy to the public (LAETITIAE PVBLICAE) was struck to commemorate the birth of Faustina's first child, daughter Domitia Faustina, born late in AD 147.
From the Dr. Hugh Preston Collection. Ex Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger, 4/22/2010

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5 minutes ago, Hrefn said:

Vercingetorix Belisarius Frog.   

A solid, respectable name that's got some dignity to it. Sounds good to me! 😁

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Congrats @Furryfrog02on the newest heir.  I was going to suggest naming him Khusro, so you'd never run out of alternate spellings of his name (Khosro, Khosrau, Chosroes, Xusro, ...) but I guess Theodore will do.  I found a coin showing Rana Imperatrix with her first four offspring:



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A paltry 4 children? Psh. Amateur...lol

We have a sestertius depecting that same reverse that was gifted to the frog family when FFIV was born. My daughter laid claim to it and it resides in her collection. 🙂

I'm currently at the hospital so I can't access my pictures unfortunately.


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By way of the kind of caveat you don't need --only since you and Mrs. FF have the requisite common sense-- I was named 'Jonathan,' too early for that not to have been an 'exotic' name.  ...Fast-forward to grade school.  Let's go down the list.  

Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Jonathan Bing (a frankly Dumb traditional kids' song they made us sing in class).  And 

(Oh, No, maybe worst) Jonathan Winters.

On a good day, some kids would just call me 'Johnny,' or,  only better, Joe-Nathan.

Anyway, coolness on you for not getting into anything that's even the prevailing equivalent of anything as fraught as that.

...Oh, Expletive of Choice, I just Googied (sic) Theodore, and found out that it's the Greek for 'Gift of God.'

Can't have enough of that.  Right, the Hebrew for 'Jonathan' means more or less the same thing.  Subdued, but sustained chuckling ensues.

You folks get all the best from Anyone I know.

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