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second Flavian coin....another Vespasian


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AV Aureus ND (75-79AD)

7.34g.    19.5mm.     12h.     .998

Rome Mint

Flavius Vespasianus 69-79AD

Laureate Bust facing Right


Fortuna standing left on garlanded altar/ holding ship rudder in left hand & cornucopiae in right hand


BMC 145 Calicó 632  Sear 2251   RIC 682  Cohen 174

Sold some butterflies😇


combined72399 (1).jpg

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A-Mazing.  I have to love how the obverse has the iconically Flavian retrograde legend.  That's just icing on an incredible, three-tiered wedding cake.  ...The portrait is all you could want for a late issue.

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Thanks so much/ gals/ guys🥰 Sorry for late response just got home from work! That coin was bugging me for past two months. I went to bed/ could not get it off my mind/ so I got up went down to my basement/ turned on the computer and hit the buy button! Then I went back to bed/ sleep like a baby.

Best thing I do not have to pay a cent for it. A nice collector from Spain has decided to purchase my entire butterfly collection (what is still in basement) over ten year plan/ buying 3K euros worth each month. That way I can get some better coins. According too Calicó the Vespasian aureus is C ="common".

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