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CNG Triton XXVII Roman Silver Provincials

Al Kowsky

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If anyone was thinking that the ancient coin market was getting soft, think againĀ šŸ˜. All areas of the market are alive & robust. My area of interest is Roman silver provincialĀ tetradrachms & I bid on 11 coins, only to getĀ steamrolledĀ on all my bidsĀ šŸ˜–. One factor that made winning anything difficult was the buyers premium ofĀ 22.5%. In my case an additionalĀ 8% NYS tax is added onto that. Last year the market was softer & I scored some rare coins at good prices. Never theĀ less, sitting through a Triton auction is always a treat. The coins pictured below have the winning bids added with theĀ 22.5%Ā buyers premium.

Lot 476. $67,375Lot47667375_00.jpg.45b084e927119e18ebd391426037ddd6.jpg


Lot 479. $11,636Lot47911636_00.jpg.a9124e3ce3cd92209992c5e0f39443e1.jpg


Lot 483. $11,638. This rough looking coin sold well below estimate.Lot48311638_00.jpg.7152d846e3cf7ad5156c45a4643aff3d.jpg


Lot 482. $3,981. Lot4823981_00.jpg.f7096aae55b6882467e0dc63f0fcc117.jpg


Lot 485. $1,164. This coin may have been a bargain.Lot4851164_00.jpg.923f10bffec2a0168846e2d3a70d5db3.jpg


Lot 487. $3,369.Lot4873369_00.jpg.8cac8bcfff93ebaeb3d1218434c521ce.jpg


Lot 491. $2,756.Lot4912756_00.jpg.69b225e460dbc45f0f99de7788ef8d38.jpg


Lot 492. $3,369.Lot4923369_00.jpg.8a31e9ac7411766ee28b46e14b743681.jpg


Lot 496. $5,666.Lot4965666_00.jpg.f89275c127b42a710c556ede3ecc8105.jpg


Lot 514. $3,063.Lot5143063_00.jpg.8d76635be17f15018fc555399dc80768.jpg





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Al my friend/ no one could have said it better/ plus showed the evidence!

Sadly there is no end in sight to this trend. It used to be back in the 1800s/ only the aristocracy/ industrialists/ and more or less "rich people" could afford to dabble in numismatics. Back then the 1 percent really were the elite. Today we have a affluent middle class/ which is growing in leaps and bounds/ thus more people have money for fun stuff like coins. The supply is very limited to the growing demand/ esp. for classical high grade material. Thus Al's posted exs/ all beautifull/ top grade works of art/ sold for top dollar. Just a reality check/ ancients/ most world coinage is still very underpriced compared to US counterparts.

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