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Fake-Report: Aelia Eudocia Gold Tremissis (Dimitrovgrad Studio)

Prieure de Sion

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I win a Aelia Eudocia Gold Tremissis at this Catawiki Auction from last days: 

I have also presented the coin here in the forum:


Two things generally make me pay even more attention to all later gold coins. The rising prices and popularity of Solidi and Tremissi coins, which have brought a veritable flood of new coins to auctions in recent weeks and months. And in this case - the somewhat strange (portrait) style for an imperial coin from Constantinople. In general, you should be even more careful than usual with Solidii and Tremissi coins.

I then received a tip and a recognised expert confirmed my suspicion that this was a fake from the so-called Dimitrovgrad Studio!
I informed the seller and was able to cancel the auction.

This is the false original obverse cancellation:

If you don't have a Numiswiki account - it's the eighth image (black / white):

I have also uploaded "my" coin to the database and published it:


Please be careful - I have discovered a lot of counterfeit gold coins from the late antique period in recent weeks and months. Some of them are really very well made forgeries.



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I have a suggestion. Wouldn't you like to set up a subcategory "Fake Reports" in the GENERAL section for our forum? Then you could report on secured (discovered) forgeries in individual postings.

I initially thought about posting this here in the "counterfeits thread". But then at some point it goes down. It would be better to have a separate thread for each type of fake discovered.

Therefore, my suggestion under GENERAL would perhaps be a “Fake Report” section so that such malicious coins can be reported individually?

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Reporting fakes was discussed on a recent NumisForvms thread: 'Fakes- what's the reporting etiquette when you spot them here (or elsewhere)?'

I am still unsure what the most appropriate reaction is if a suspected fake (not necessarily a published fake, many are not formally published) is shown. The general agreement was PM is a better option, but it is unclear if all forum members want to be notified. Once known, the information cannot be unknown.

Personally, I would like to be informed.




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On Numis Forums, I have had 4 or 5 of my purchases called out as 'fakes' in 2023, and I (for one) would rather know. I appreciate the 'heads-up', even though my coins are not at the 'high end' of the market.

Whether I would list them on a page dedicated to that, well, I just don't know.

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