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  1. @ewomack Thank you. I believe that you are absolutely correct. (see example below)
  2. @JeandAcre Thank you for letting me know of the coin's arrival. I hope that it will provide enjoyment to you.
  3. I purchased this coin as TIBERIUS II Constantine SB 452, but I am having doubts. I have narrowed it down to TIBERIUS II Constantine, or, Maurice Tiberius, or, Phocas. Can anyone help me please?
  4. @maridvnvm Thank you, Martin. You have confirmed my suspicions. I appreciate your work. I am old enough to remember when the 'crooks' wore masks and black hats, but . . . (Obviously low investment coins, but still annoying.)
  5. Thank you, people. The more I know, the more I don't know. (Ahh. Once said . . ."Ignorance is bliss.")
  6. I am trying to attribute this Fausta / Spes , and I need help with the mintmark please? 307-326 AD. Fausta (second wife of Constantine) Obv: FLAV MAX FAVSTA AVG Draped bust of Fausta right, wearing pearl necklace Rev: SPES REIP-VBLICAE Spes standing facing, head left, holding two infants
  7. @JeandAcre If you would like to send your address to me, I would be happy to 'gift' the coin to you.
  8. @kirispupis Thank you for your input. It was enough for me to find what I was looking for. My coin . . . Thrace, Lysimacheia 305-281 BC. Veiled head of Demeter to right, wreathed with grain / ΛYΣIMA-XEΩN in two lines, grain ear below, all within wreath of grain. SNG Copenhagen 906-7 var.
  9. I have this AE21.5, 8.9gm. coin that I have noted as CYCLADES, Karthaia on Keos, but when I research this coin I can't find it. Is someone able to assist me please?
  10. @rvk Thank you for your information. Very helpful. I shall run with that and see where it takes me. Thank you, again.
  11. I am confused, (it doesn't take much), I have this Greek coin that (no doubt) is :- Greek Pontos, Amisos. Circa 85-65 BC. AE Aegis with Gorgoneion in centre/Nike advancing right, holding palm; My confusion is that, by far and away, the most examples of this coin (that I can find) have the legend 'AMI-ΣOY' on them, but mine does not. My coin has 'MA-NΩ[A], (with monograms left and right below). I have found at least four examples (on Acsearch) like mine, But ALL of the 'houses' that have posted them state that the legend says 'AMI-ΣOY' when clearly that is NOT the legend on the coins that they have posted (see photos below). With this 'difference I cannot use their 'reference numbers on my coin, hence my dilemma. What is my legend and what is my coin's reference, please?
  12. @CPK Excellent!! Thank you 'kind sir'. Much appreciated.
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