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Nero's sickly Top 10, greasy kids' stuff, as Shep would say.

Which is your favorite? (I couldn't figure out how to do more than one pick)  

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  1. 1. Which is your favorite? (I couldn't figure out how to do more than one pick)

    • Justinian II Ravenna follis (stabby, stabby)
    • Phocas enormous 40 nummia
    • Q. Cassius Longinus AR denarius (my favorite)
    • Demetrios I Soter AR Tetradrachm
    • Andronicus II Electrum Hyperpyron
    • Macrinus AR Denarius
    • chipped class A2 Anonymous Christ follis
    • Antiochus III AR Tetradrachm
    • Faustina, Jr. Secret Saturn Sestertius
    • Divus Lucius Verus Christmas present

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My coins suck, compared to some of the stellar lists compiled this year.  As my favorite humorist, Jean Shepherd would say, it's greasy kids' stuff.

The top ten doesn't necessarily consist of my most expensive coins, although some are.   They're my favorite coins.

Compiled in no order:

The Justinian II, I'm a bit embarrased to say, was my most expensive coin of this year.  However, I have a weakness for Ravenna, and while a lot of first reign Ravennate folles come up on acsearch (although they're never on vcoins), the second reign is much rarer.

Justinian II won #1 Roman emperor on the podcast, Totalus Rankium (apple podcasts).  You really need to listen to is episode.  He won because of his epic, Game of Thrones story.  He beat Aurelian for #1.

By the way, around the time of this coin, Justinian II was off the deep end and was concerned only with revenge.  He sent agents out to Ravenna with giant picnic baskets.  The agents coaxed the nobles out, pulled out knives from the baskets, and stabby stabby.  They then torched the place.



Justinian II - 685-695, 705-7011 - AE Follis - 2.84g Sear 1445 Ravenna Year 21  ex: HJB fixed-price.





Phocas AE36 Follis.  Probably my 3rd favorite of the year.



The dealer attributed it to Constantinople, but I'm pretty sure I see ..IKO.  Nikomedia, gamma officina.

I had been on the lookout for oversized-flan coins of the reign. This whopping 36mm. one fit the bill.  Not onlywas it inexpensive, it's quite nice for the type.  I'll have to look up the obverse legends of Tiberius II.  (Letends are peeking through at 7 o'clock).  Do you think it was overstruck on a Tiberius II, Year 5?  Or, I guess it could have been Maurice overstruck on Tiberius, overtruck by Phocas.





Q. Cassius Longinus, Rome, 55 BC. AR Denarius (17mm, 3.60g). Head of Bonus Eventus (or Genius Populi Romani?) r.; sceptre behind. R/ Eagle standing r. on thunderbolt; lituus to l., capis to r. Crawford 428/3; RBW 1535; RSC Cassia 7. Large scratch on rev.,

While not the most expensive coin of the year (it was purchased at a bargain basement price), this is probably my favorite coin of the year.  I immediately fell in love with the haunting artistry of the obverse, the condition (other than the plough damage), and the toning.  Since the damage was on the reverse, and the coin is facing towards me, it was a no-brainer to swoop up this 'snack.'  Furthermore, this coin seems to be pretty pricey for really nice examples.

This is a prime example of why stated grade isn't really important in ancient numismatics.  Personal satisfaction is.







DEMETRIOS I SOTER AR silver tetradrachm. Antioch, struck circa 156-155 BC. Diademed head right. Reverse - ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ repeated in outer right field due to an overstrike, (a previous type with different font, rather than a double strike). Tyche seated left on throne supported by Nike; two monograms in outer left field, HP monogram in exergue. SMA 98. Big 33 mm due to being overstruck, 16.1g

This Seleucid coin is probably my second favorite.





4.10g, 24mm
The Virgin Mary, orans, facing within city walls
Andronicus II and Michael IX, kneeling, facing, between the facing figure of Christ who is crowning them.
SB 2396

The Andronicus II was  only barely my second most expensive purchase of the year.  I bought it because it was available at a relatively bargain basement price.





Laureate and draped bust right.
Providentia standing left, holding cornucopia and wand over globus to left.

RIC 80.

Condition: Good very fine; edge fault

Weight: 2.13 g.
Diameter: 20 mm.



Anonymous Follis AE28 Follis. Christ Pantokrator. (image refused to be inserted above this)


Obv: Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator.


Rev: + IҺSЧS/ XRISTЧS/ ЬASILЄЧ/ ЬASILЄ in four lines; – ◊ – above and below.



Purchased while I was on my Byzantine kick, this one did, and still does, give me a lot of pleasure.  The chip is ancient (or very old), and possibly was orignal to the coin.  One hardly sees them in this grade.





Diademed head of Antiochos III right
Apollo seated left on an omphalos, holding an arrow and leaning on a bow, bow in bowcase to left
SC 1045.2

Weak reverse. Antioch mint

This coin is much more handsome in-hand than in the picture.  Ex Aegean.




This one was from my super-generous Secret Saturn.  I had been wanting a Faustina, Jr. I also love the siglos, but there's only so many coins that can make the list.







I haven't looked up the Sear RCV number yet.  This Christmas present makes the cut beause Dad gave it to me.  It's pretty decent (aVF/F), a handsome coin, and the best of the few coins of Lucius Verus I have.





Honorable mention:

I actually have more, but I'll keep it to one or two.




Nicephorus II. 963-969. AE Follis (5.59 gm, 27mm). Constantinople mint. Obv.: nICIFR bASILEV RW, facing bust, wearing crown cruciger and loros, holding labarum and globus cruciger. Rev.: nICHF / Eh ΘEW bA / SILEVS RW / mAIWn in four lines. SB 1782. Double struck

He's nicknamed 'The White Death" (his enemies went pale).  Of course he's going to make the list.






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An eminently respectable 'top ten'! I voted for the Antiochus III tetradrachm - but I also like that super sharp anonymous follis. And I'm honored that you included the Faustina II sestertius. 😉 Congrats on a great year!

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I like the denarius of Cassius Longinus, but I'm skeptical about it being a result of plough damage. If that were the case, the coin would likely have been obliterated, the tip of any plough would've been bigger than this coin or certainly not as sharp as the cut we see here. Also, I don't believe the marks on it are just scratches; they appear to be deliberate deep cuts right over the name and symbol. Considering Cassius' unfavorable reputation after Mark Antony and Octavian joined hands, I reckon it might be a case of damnatio memoriae, which would be quite interesting.

Apart from that, I also find the Demetrios tetradrachm and the gold coin of Andronicus II appealing.

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This is the option you need to select to allow multiple answers 


I think you can edit the options even now. 

If I need to choose 1 favorite, without doubt - Q. Cassius Longinus. The coin has an obvious fault - but I wouldn't be bothered because it seems like somebody was careful NOT to destroy anything relevant on the design. The obverse design is intact - so in my book a desirable coin. Interesting fact - your coin's reverse plus a Brutus reverse (I consider this one of my best 2022 purchases even if the condition is poor - irrelevant or, like I see it, not that relevant).


... these two are the clear source of inspiration for what I consider the coin I would like the most in my collection - but most likely I never will, for multiple reasons - the Koson stater. 


My next choices would be Macrinus and Lucius Verus. 

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